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Black on Black

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Over the past few month's I've noticed that my kitty (who is all black) seems to only sleep/lounge on black things. (not including the bed) She seeks out black blankets and cusions and t-shirts and sleeps on them. (Even my faux fur winter coat is not safe) It seems like she's camoflaughing herself, but I was thinking today that maybe it reminds her of her mom. She doesn't always lay on top so much as cuddle up to, and I've noticed her licking my afghan. Has anyone else noticed similar behaviors?
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It could be a coincidence. Cats tend to change sleeping/napping spots every now and then.
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You're lucky. My white cats love to shed their pristine and highly visible fur on anything darker than they are.
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I remember visiting a friend once whose (black) cat had kittened about 4 weeks before. I was cuddling the kittens (one at a time), and they got quite upset at being taken from Mum, until I put the kitten on my jumper, which was black mohair. It was warm, hairy and black, just like their Mum and they quietened down almost straight away. So maybe you are right, your cat is being reminded of cuddling up with her mum & littermates! How sweet...

I have a black cat who likes to sleep on anything that shows off her fur, so she tends to choose light coloured things. They don't stay light coloured for long once she starts shedding on them!

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That's funny that you mention this! My friend's black cat will only sleep on red things - made him a cat bed for Christmas and I was warned to make it in red. He loved it!

I have no clue on color preferences - mine will sleep on anything.
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maybe black things are warmer because they absorb rather than reflect heat?
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