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Update On Max

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After a few weeks of feeding and caring for Max, I realized that even though I wanted to help him, I don't have the financial means to take care of him properly. It saddens me because I love the dog. I need to take him to the vet, but I don't have the car to take him in. But I have found the perfect home for him. A friend of mine, whose an avid dog lover and who has more money than I do, agreed to be his new owner. So now, Max has a new home. He is happy and well off. But, I have good news. I will, in a few days, be adopting a new cat. A black and white kitten named Karla. I am not a very good judge of age, but I believe she is about 5 or 6 weeks. When I held her, I could hold her stomach in my palm. She is so teeny! I have my place all ready for her. Her mother had been posioned to death. The kitten was given to me by a friend. So I will be happy again. At least I can take her to the vet, by bus.
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It is admirable of you to have taken the dog in and cared for him and also to admit that you don't have the means to properly care for him (i.e., financially, etc.). You say you are taking in a kitten and can get the kitten to the vet via bus. The only difference between a cat and a dog (other than one barks, the other meows) is the fact that dogs need more care. Cats do have to eat (money for food) and need medical attention (although not always during the day when buses are running). What would happen if the kitten got sick at 2 a.m? How would you go about getting it medical attention? And if you can't afford to feed a dog, what makes you think you'll be able to afford to maintain a cat let alone feed it, get it medical attention, etc.?

These are questions that you need to ask yourself before you take on another responsibility.

Not flaming, just merely making an observation.

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I have to agree with Donna. While it is in the cats best interest to go to a loving person, such as yourself you will still need the finances to take care of it. Speaking from experience after having to pay almost 600.00 because of a kitty cold.
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Well, my mother, sister, and the guy who gave me the cat are helping me with food and financialy. I take the cat either to Petsmart or the Humane Society as they are not very expensive. They wouldn't help me with the dog. My mother and sister are afraid of him. But when my income goes higher(like next fall), then getting a dog will be a good idea. Max the dog needs alot of exercise and alot of attention. The kitten also needs it but she is asleep when I go to school. When I get back, she is still curled up. I only work twice a week.
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