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The color of pee

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I know this is a silly question, but does anyone know what is considered a healthy urine color for cats?
I have no idea. But yesterday when Wawa used the litterbox, he sort of peed a lakeful and it was light yellow to almost white. I also remember years ago when Joji used to pee on a certain plastic she hated, her pee was dark yellow or maybe it wasn't pee at all but spray.
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My cats are mostly regular yellow.. but if they drink a lot of water it could very well be light yellow! I know when I drink a lot mine is light yellow or almost clear. Like you wanted to know that
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I think if you are used to seeing a darker color and suddenly are seeing a clear/light color that would suggest the cat is drinking a LOT more water. This could indicate a problem with their kidneys. Diabetic cats drink a LOT of water (at least ours did) and thus pee a LOT! Although the pee is not a strong oder and is light colored, it still makes paying for litter expensive and more importantly can reflect a health problem in your cat. If you are not sure, I would defintly give the vet a call, there is a good chance they will want to see your furry friend for a quick visit.
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Color is partially based on how dilute the urine is (other factors such as blood and liver function can affect color). If the amount your kitty is voiding has changed, or frequency, I'd scoot the cat in for a checkup.
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More dilute urine may mean that the kidneys are not functioning properly. Please take your kitty to the vet and have a good thorough checkup. I am very aware of this problem these days because Beau is developing kidney problems. In your cat's case it could be nothing, but if it is a kidney problem it is very important to know asap. Don't let it go -- see a vet this week!
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