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Tigger, I am sorry if you were offended here by talk of religion, but like Anne said, if it offends you...go to another thread.
No offense.
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Oh, and I forgot to add, Hissy....I absolutely LOVED your post!!! Thanks for giving us more insight on this, I had forgotten about some of those, like the mule.
Dawn, no, I don't beleive animals have souls, but that doesn't mean they won't be in heaven.... if God even sees the sparrow fall, and created some of the animals just to be our companions, why wouldn't they be in heaven with us?
But I could be wrong. All of us could be wrong....noone truley knows what heaven is like, so we may all be in for some surprises, the main thing is that we ourselves get there!
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No, no, No.... you didn't offend me by any means at all. I guess I shoulda explained! See, I am not a religious person, I just don't go to church, but I believe in God. You have to understand..... I have only been to church maybe once or twice, and that was either at X-Mas Eve or at the Catholic mass for when my grandmother died. And, I have never read the Bible, either. So, don't worry if you offended, me, because you didn't I was just stating my point!! I think there is so much animal cruelty now a days. I wish it would just stop. Anyways, I hope they really punish Queso's killers. Why don't they put all the crazed lunatics on their own seperate island and let them attack each other!
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Hey Tigger, I like your idea! Survivor 5 can be a group of animal abusers stranded on a volcanic island.....the one who lives wins a life sentence in prison, the loosers win an eternal sentence to hell!
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I like your idea.

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I like the idea too!
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