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Moving...need help!!

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Hi, I am moving into a condo this weekend. It is two stories, and there is a railing at the top of the stairs where you can look down to the first floor. My kitty thinks he is super kitty and climbs on anything he can find. I am worried that he will try to climb on the railing and fall to the first floor. It is a long way down. Does anyone have any suggestions?? I know I could watch him like a hawk, but I want him to feel like he can walk around freely, and I don't want to shut him in a room when I am gone. I am scared to death that if he attempts to sit on the railing, he will fall and hurt himself badly, or worse, death.
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Welcome to the site and good luck with the move!

My best suggestion is to just try to make the railing as unattractive as possible to your kitty. It may not look good for a while, but here are some suggestions:

Wrap tin foil around the railing. Most kitties do not like the feel of tin foil on their paws. Be sure to secure it and make sure he isn't interested in eating as tin foil is toxic if ingested.

A strong citrus scent puts off most kitties. Something like hanging those car air fresheners from the railing could dissuade him from the area.

I'm sure others will have more ideas. I'll move this to Behavior for you to get more ideas.
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rub lemon on it or spray it with cat detterent?

a cat program i saw suggested citrus soap rubbed on surfaces you dont want them to climb on coz the soap sticks and tastes nasty.

cats are far more agile then we give them credit for. i think when your kitty gets used to the rail he'll be fine.

easier said than done but try to relax! and good luck with the move x
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