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e-Bay Marketing...Again!

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$37,375 payday: That's using your head!
Web designer sells himself to advertiser

Andrew Fischer, 20, of Omaha, who put his forehead for sale on eBay as advertising space, received $37,375 on Friday to advertise the snoring remedy, SnoreStop.

IMO folks, let's get creative. Surely we can come up with something...
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... O M G If only I would have thought of that What people don't think of...
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Another E-Bay Success Story!

Coincidently, we recently had an E-Bay sale where I work. I work for a non-profit, The Floating Hospital here in NYC. Sadly, after Sept. 11th we had to give up our pier at the foot of Wall Street, the city demanded the pier. Mayor Blumberg, AKA Mayor Humbug, refused to help us find a suitable pier. The city kept offering us piers that were unsuitable..such as too shallow, etc. In other words they did not want a non-profit taking up VALUABLE pier space. The Floating Hospital has been an organization (an on board medical clinic) for the poor and homeless for well over 100 years, since 1866! You might have become slightly familar with us if you saw Sorcese's film Gangs of New York, from a couple of years ago. We started in 1866 at an area called The Five Points, made famous in his film.Actually it was The NY Times that started the organization in 1866, as "New York's "Ship of Health." Because the city was so stingy and uncaring we had to move our base to a land site (the Lower East Side) after 135 years of service "at sea". The ship was sold on E-Bay about a month ago for 100,000 dollars! Not bad for a ship that was 30 years old and engineless. We were a stationary ship, the only time we left the pier was when we were pulled by a tugboat for our weekly in the summertime summer sails. The sails were great; we took out about 400 "poor" kids each Friday for an all day trip around and up the East River. I guess you can tell I'm very proud of my workplace...visit our website at www.thefloatinghospital.org Check it out, maybe you'll want to donate to our worthy cause! Here are some pics of the ship you might enjoy. Maybe we can come up with another E-Bay Cat Site sale as per MrsD! Cause as they say in New York..Ya never know!
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Nurses...mid 1930s aboard ship!.. I am NOT in this Photo! LOL

Kids on a Summer Sail, 1937

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She was a real beauty...I miss working on her...a large part of NYC history was lost...another victim of Sept 11th!
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