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Keeping a kitty calm through xrays

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Dori's xrays are scheduled for Monday evening. I never gave much thought to the actual process, I guess I thought they would be fairly easy to get. However, when I called to schedule today her vet got on the phone with me and wanted to make sure I would be there to wait with her. He said he would need my help to keep her calm during the xrays. He said sometimes they have to put a kitty muzzle on them to get the pictures. That is not going to be good for Dori. She would hate a muzzle. Is there anything I can do for her before the appt. to help keep her calm? Would Feliway in her carrier help? I really don't want to upset her.
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Mostly likely she will have to wear a party hat. Unless she's one of those pets that is good at the vet because they are scared. I'm not sure how he would want you to help them keep her calm. We don't allow people back in the x-ray room where I work.

I'm not sure what she's getting x-rays for but she will be just fine. Normally they only do one or two and if they can get her to be still long enough to take them it's only a few minutes. Don't worry!
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She is getting xrays to get checked for asthma. He said I wouldn't be able to stand in the room while he snapped the picture but that he wanted me to help him with her back there to make sure she stayed calm. Not sure either what he wants me to do, I guess just talk to her and pet her. She does really well at the vets when she goes in for her check ups. Mostly she tries as hard as she can to get the vet to pick her up and cuddle with her I think he just got me worried when he was talking about it because he made it sound like it was going to be a big fiasco.
He did say he wanted to get 2 good pictures of her breathing in. He said he would snap as many as needed until he had 2 that were good enough to see her lungs.
I guess I was wondering if there was a way to get her ready beforehand. I know I can't really explain to her what she is going for, but I wasn't sure if Feliway or anything would help her to feel relaxed so the xrays don't seem like a big deal. When she gets all worked up she starts wheezing.
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Just make sure that when you get there you aren't going to have to wait.. that they can get her into x-ray asap. Maybe call before you are coming over and make sure they aren't busy.

Then she doesn't have time to think about where she is. lol
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Tanya any update on Dori?!
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Her xrays are not until Monday at 5:30 Susan ... She is doing ok right now. She has been taking her steroids again. Once she has the xrays they will be able to confirm the asthma, or find out if something else is wrong.
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Poor Dori. I have no suggestions but let us know how it goes!
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If she is comfortable at the vet clinic she will probably be fine. The vet may have offered to have you come in and comfort her because he knows you are concerned and thinks you might want to be there. You can hold her between shots ( the xrays have to be developed before he will know if he needs re-takes) and selttle her down.
A cat muzzle (we call it the "Hannible" Lecter mask) is really just a piece of nylon that goes over the cats face and is held on with velcro. Unlike a dog muzzle it does not hold the cats mouth closed. The cat cannot see while it is on and usually this just calms the cat down. Think about the scared cat that only feels safe if it is hiding its head-That is what the muzzle does.
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