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Leaving kitties for a few days

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My business trip couldn't have come at a worse time. This weekend I am going to see some family and will be gone All day Saturday and some of Sunday. I don't do this often but when I do, my 2 cats are fine.

But I was told today that now I have to go on a business trip from Monday to Thursday, after already being gone this weekend. I'm having someone come over and feed my kitties and clean the litter boxes but do you think they will be ok by themselves for that amount of time? I feel so guilty

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Do you think that maybe the person who is taking care of the kitties could sit there and watch television or something for a little while each day? That way they have someone in the house to keep make them feel a little less alone. I know that my parents' cat appreciates it when I go over there to keep her company while they are gone.
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As long as someone comes in each day (preferably twice daily, if possible), and your cats are healthy, they should be fine.

Tell your catsitter to leave a radio on playing soft music, and some lights. Make sure to cat-proof everything before you leave: check that cabinet doors where chemicals/cleaning products are stored are securely locked; remove any small objects from counters that could be swallowed (even if your cats don't usually jump up there, they might while you're gone!). Leave carriers handy in case one cat becomes ill and needs to go to the vet. Call your vet and tell him/her who will be watching your cats and that you give that person permission to bring the cats in for medical care, if necessary.

I agree with Cloud_Shade that it would be very helpful if your catsitter could spend some time with the cats in addition to providing food, water, and scooping the litter.
Leave out some of their favorite toys - a play session will make them happy and keep them exercised. Even just being cuddled on the catsitter's lap a little every day will help. Tell your sitter to give lots of TLC!

Set up times to call your catsitter (at least twice) while you're gone, and give him/her a number to reach you as well. Just hearing someone tell you your babies are fine will make you feel much better!
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KT is right-on, absolutely! I rarely travel and have chosen not to because of my love for my kitties in the past. This year Eric and I took more trips than usual, our longest was 5 days to Utah for Thanksgiving and Camille would come in but she'd spend maybe 15 minutes interacting with Sasha and it made all the difference. She also turned on the tv in the morning (he likes Big Cat Diary on Animal Planet and the Weather Channel --like he's gonna go someplace) and then off at night. Having a chance to call her and just check in made such a difference - she even held the phone to him so he could listen. Every sitter is different, but just 5 extra minutes can really count!
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