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Male cat stinks

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Once a female cat is pregnant, does a male cat put out a smell? My friends female cat Sarabi is pregnant by their other cat Tiger. We've noticed that ever since she's been pregnant that Tiger's skin has stunk some awful. They gave them both a bath after he started stinking but it came right back the day after.

Sarabi is only about 8 months old. She went into heat a couple times before she became pregnant, so I figure if she wasn't old enough she wouldn't go into heat right? Or am I wrong? Is she old enough?


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If your friend is are not a qualified breeder, please get the kitty spayed. And get the male neutered as well. It would be best all around for cats and owners-

Your kitty is more than old enough to get spayed as well. Spaying her takes her out of the running for certain cancers and other diseases.
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A female cat is certainly capable of becoming pregnant at 8 months but because of how young she is, there may be problems during the delivery and she might not know how to care for the kittens. If this happens, is your friend willing to step in and hand-raise the kittens? As hard as it is to consider, it may be best to spay Sarabi now and avoid any complications.

As for smells, Tiger is obviously not neutered if he has inseminated Sarabi. Once they reach sexual maturity, males do begin to smell due to their hormones. They almost always spray as well and the smell of intact male cat urine is pretty awful. Please ask your friend to have Tiger neutered.
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Right now, money is tight for them and getting Tiger neutered right away is almost impossible, but they can probably do it in a few weeks. They tried their best to keep the cats seperated while Sarabi was in heat, but obviously Tiger got to her at some point. I'm sure once these kittens are born, they'll have Sarabi spayed as well.

If my friend isn't willing to step in and hand-raise the kittens, then I sure will. I have experience in taking care of kittens, not exactly newborns but a few weeks old. But, thankfully I have this site and all of you to give me the information I need.
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