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Is this true?

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Hi all! I was told thismorning that Bin Ladens family is sooo rich because they produce an ingredient which goes into chewing gum......is this true? - THey said that because of this, out of every packet thats sold, 12p (english money) goes to his family!!! (sorry I don't know how much that would be in other currencies..)
Anyone know anything about it?
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I heard his family has something to do with the production of gum arabic, an ingredient in many things. The person who told me was talking about it being an ingredient in Coca-Cola. I don't know if it is true, though.
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I believe that is true, but I know that he has been disowned from his family. The money he has now is money that was already inherited when his father died, but he wouldn't be getting any more royalties if that is what you are worried about. I think he is completely ostracized from his family and I don't think if you buy a pack of gum he would be profiting. I heard it on the news, but of course I am no expert though!!
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Thanks guys... thanks Dtolle, I wouldn't wanna be financing him if ya know what I mean!!! (I'm a serious gum muncher.... )
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You can read about it here. Click on Rumors of War then scroll down to the portion about Osama.......

Chew on This!
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