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Need to vent a bit

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Ok so this wont be to bad. Promise. But Oh my goodness. why does it have to be so hard to find a place for reasonable board? Of the horse kind. I know boarding is a buisness. dont get me wrong I understand that. But I also know some buisness's offer discounts for multiple items. And I remember a day in horses, when if you were willing to work..or provide your own food (isnt that one of the biggest costs) you could get reduced rates as well. Oh well who am I kidding. I guess.

I am just at the end of my rope. I need to find a place for a while where I can keep my horses together. So i can work with them, and afford to have them all close. Nothing fancy. They dont need fancy. Just suitable. We are working on purchaseing a place. But that takes time. Ugh. I can muck stalls with the best of them, i can exersise any kind of horse and am a CHA certified instructor..its not getting me to far. *sigh* ok..done ranting
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I guess it's a matter of supply and demand determining the price. If you were in my area, you'd find a multitude of offers - I can't believe how many people are advertising space. (A friend is thinking about moving her horse, so I've been watching the classified ads; some sicko is maiming horses around here [shades of "Equus"], so she's looking for an "open stall" arrangement with free-roaming guard dogs.) Good luck!
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Where are you located? I know some horse people in Minnesota that might be able to point you in the right direction, if I knew about where you are located? You can look up Skare Training Stable and call and ask Sheryl if she knows of a place you can board? (I own one of her breeding stock paints)
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Thanks. Oh theres places around here. for $225 a month. With three horses i cant afford that right now. not per horse. Ah well perhaps some of the reason is i know exactly how much it costs to feed them.And I am more willing to put my own work into it. I dont grain (so paying for grain to me is usueless only my mare gets it when she is prego. or if they drop weight) ah well...keeping my chin up..anyone need a good worker and instructor in Minnesota? lol
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Hmm there is a website i knew of awhile back where people who own boarding stables posted ads for help needed in their stables- let me see if I can scare it up

Horse Employment
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thanks hissy i was typeing my other reply as you were yours i think. I am located in the twin cities. And i just need something in a commutable distance away. (45 mins or so?) I dont need fancy. dont need a stall..dont even need an indoor or outdoor. just somewhere to keep them. I can provide my own hay if needed too. Hey look at me. *chuckles* I just want them all together so I can feel like a good horse mom while we look for property.
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