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I know this sounds a pretty stupid question to ask, but do male kits have nipples? I cant decide if something on my youngest is a 'spot' or his nipple! He had something similar a while ago which pulled off (ow) - does anyone know please?

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Yes male cats have nipples, they can sometimes get discolored or crusty. But just leave them be, unless they are openly bleeding or oozing.
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Hi Sasha, welcome to TCS.

Yes, male cats do have nipples, 8 of them, just like females. I'd recommend not scratching or pulling off a spot as I've heard of people trying to scrathc off a 'scab' not realising it was one of the cat's nipples! If you're concerned about the spot, a vet visit would be the best idea.
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thanks! appreciate that. It doesn't seem to trouble him - he just gets fed up with me trying to see what it is.

Sasha & Harry
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LOL sorry, I was writing my reply as hissy posted.
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haha - happens to me all the time.

Thanks for the advice Kumbulu and thanks for the welcome too!

Cute kitten in your pic :-)

Sasha and Harold
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