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My cat has a mohawk!!

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Hi all, this is my first time posting here. My four year old cat has developed an allergy to fleas, but she also seems to be allergic to the flea medicine I get from my vet. She has lost most of the hair on the lower back half of her body. I also have her son, and two kittens, so flea control is important in this house!!LOL!! Does anyone have any ideas about how to get her hair to grow back?
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Hi David, welcome to TCS.

The fur loss concerns me. Has she seen a vet? Are you sure that it is the flea medication that is causing the fur loss? I ask this because, if a cat is going to lose hair, it is usually in the area that you apply the treatment. Has the vet tested for other things which may cause hair loss such as liver disease, FIV, hormonal imbalance (hypothyroidism, hyperadrenocorticism, endocrine problems) and mites?

If she checks out OK at the vet, perhaps you can change the brand of flea treatment you're using, such as Program, Advantage, Frontline or Revolution.
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Stress, illness or pain can also cause a cat to 'overgroom' to the point where large patches of fur are missing. Perhaps the vet can give her a full check-up from head to tail to make sure she isn't ill or in pain. Is there anything major that has changed in your home that may have caused stress?

Also, this thread has some suggestions.
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My Fred has a bad flea allergy and will pull his hair out if left untreated. I have always used Advantage on him. His hair grew back after a short time.
Poor baby had no hair on his head or ears, and had scratched them raw for months until a vet figured out what the problem was. The first vet said it was a food allergy. The second one took one look at him, treated him with Advantage, and he is fine now.
I hope you baby is ok.
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Daisy is allergic to flea bites; when she came she was pretty well infested with fleas, itched like mad, and removed an awful lot of her fur through overgrooming (because of the itching). I used Frontline to eliminate fleas, this worked, but the itching carried on , as she had become a bit scabby. It certainly sounds like your cat's situation. I got some steroid pills from the vet, to break the itchy cycle (once the fleas were gone), just to give her skin a chance to heal up without her licking it some more. Not only did she think the pills tasted good, but they worked too! She now has a beautifully furry little body, no scabs, no excessive licking, and no bald bits. So talk to the vet, there may well be something in his cupboard that can help your cat to recover.

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Definitely you need to see a vet and find out what the real source of the problem is, before you add any other treatments to your cat.
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Well, we have an appointment today to see the vet. She said it sound like she does need some cortisone to break the cycle, she'll take a look today. Thanks everybody for the advice and the warm welcomes!!!
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