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Who knows about the new types of TV's?

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I will be replacing my small TV in the kitchen. I know there is HDTV, LCD, etc... I think the largest screen I can have and still fit under the cabinets is 15". I do not want a drop down screen as sometimes I will carry into bedroom. I was looking at the Sharp Aquious (SP?) but really haven't started serious looking. I will check what is anything Consumer Reports will say but if anyone has any recommendations at all I would be interested.
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Have you tried epinions.com?
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I choose a TV based on how I'm going to use it and what capabilities are available to me in my area. For example, high definition and wide format imaging is simply not available on most channels and won't be available for a few years. To buy a TV with these features may not make sense unless you plan on keeping it for many years or it will be your primary TV. Will you be playing tapes or DVD's on this TV? If so, they have models that have VCRs and/or DVDs built in.

I used to sell audio equipment many years ago and my honest advice to anyone looking is:
- the more bells and whistles, the more that can possibly go wrong. If you aren't going to use a feature, don't buy it. If the built in DVD breaks, you've also lost the TV.
- brand new technology sometimes takes a while to work the bugs out. Don't buy first year model anything.
- the price always comes down on electronics. New features are expensive the first few years.
- get a reputable brand that has a good history of repairs and backs their brand.
- do some digging thru consumer's digest, epinions.com, etc.

Based on what you've told me (that you need a small TV to carry from room to room, and I assume that this is not your primary TV), I would suggest just a plain old everyday TV. Measure the space that you have for the TV and bring a tape measure with you to the store.
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