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My Cat's paw is badly hurt

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My Cat Tigger was having a bath when I noticed his paw was bleeding really badly.When I checked it out I found out that he has lost his claw.You can see the bone and it is really infected.The problem is we can't afford to take him to the vet and we don't know what else to do! Help!
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There is no other option, take him to the vet. Once it has gotten infected the cat needs to have it cleaned out well and needs to be on antibiotics. If you leave it, he could end up with a systemic infection (is fatal if left untreated) or he will loose his entire leg. If you can't find a vet willing to work with you, or find the money, I would try and find another home that can afford to care for him.
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I agree with Sandie. You have two choices (1) Take her to the vet or (2) have her die a slow and very painful death. Once a cat develops an infection it can attack their internal organs very quickly which will cause a painful death. (Not to mention how much it must hurt to have a hole down to the bone on her foot.) Please get her to the vet ASAP!
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Maybe you can work out a payment plan with the vet? I would just bring her in and see if they will do the treatment. Another option is the SPCA or rescue organization which may be able to help you at a lower cost. Try calling around to these organizations.

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Any news Tasha?
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There is an organization that may be able to help. Please see their Web Site for more information.


This organization often will pitch in to work with your vet and in some cases, may even be willing to pay the vet bill.

They are also a very worthy cause if anyone is looking for any last minute year-end charitable donations for the almighty Tax Return next year...*hint hint*

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Tiggers paw is finally healing.
He still doesn't have a claw but
the wounds are completly healed over.

Tiggers been limping for the past
couple of weeks.He got an eye infection
and then a cold.Could something be
wrong internally? I don't understand his
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The cat needs to see a vet.
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I agree -- Your cat needs to see a vet ASAP! Do you own the cat or do your parents? Most vets would be willing to work out a payment plan.
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I'm by far no expert, but it seems as if the paw may have become infected (causing the limp) and the infection could be compromising his immune system (maybe causing the cold-like symptoms and eye infection). Its not very fair to the cat to not seek Veterinary help. His health is your responsibility. Please do what you can for the poor guy
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I have to agree with everyone else here. He should see a vet. I know if you are tight on money that that is the issue here. But like someone else said, maybe you could pay monthly or something. Its not fair to him to have to suffer.
Perhaps if you can't care for him ( financially), maybe a new home is in order???? Just a suggestion.
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Tiggy's claw grew back and he is no longer limping. But he refuses to stay inside.He goes out and gets cat scratches all over his back. He is a very muscular cat and he can fight back, but I don't like him having these scratches on his back all the time! Can you tell me how to get him to stay inside?
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Well, that is good his paw is doing better As far trying to keep him inside, if he happens to be by the door when you are trying to get outside, push him back into the house, and maybe tell him NO. I don't know -- I am sure there are others who can help you; all of our cats are strictly indoors only.
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I think the kitty is VERY LUCKY that he is healing from the injured paw without a Vet's help. I don't want to THINK about the pain he must have been in, or might even STILL be in.

It is easy to keep a cat indoors. Just never let him out. He won't like it, but it is for his own good. I have an indoor cat.
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but i have only been on the board for about a week....and all i read is how you have sick cats...no money....and you are not going to take them to the vets.....

please please please consider what you are doing. I know that it helps to come onto somewhere like here and ask advice - my main reason for doing so was just that - but i intended all the time to take Jasmine to the vet.

i have very little money also, but i would rather eat cornflakes for Xmas dinner than not take my little girl to the vets.

why don't you act now and start putting some money away every month to cope with the cost of such things.

its not fair to your animals
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Yes I agree with Clairey-Pooh,

Perhaps you can put a bit of money away over time to help your kitty.

More health concerns will come up, they always do, and you will eventually have to have a Vet visit. Best to be prepared.

You owe it to your cat, as he is your responsibility.
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First of all, forgive me, my keyboard is faili*g me today! So there is a star for the missi*g letters!

But, are you *ot the girl who posted i* the breeders board about breedi*g your cats to have kitties?? How ca* you say you ca*'t afford the vet if you are willi*g to take o* the respo*sibility of kitte*s???

I ca**ot see how that ca* be a good decisio* o* your part!
Sorry agai* for the typi*g.....computer is goi*g i tomorrow to get fixed!!
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I already posted somewhere that I am going to take all of my animals to the vet this thursday. I found a pretty cheap vet.The Thing is, we can't eat corn flakes for christmas. I have a little 5 year old brother that would be very upset if he got corn flakes for christmas...don't you think any little kid would????
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Tasha, I would not deprive your brother of a turkey dinner on Christmas. But taking on animals is a responsibility. They are living creatures that need care from YOU.

I am glad you are going to a Vet. That is great!!!!!!

Just a note, IMHO....Christams is about sharing and being grateful. What if we taught all our young people that it is not a big dinner that Christmas is about, but start at an early age to instill the responsibility and joy of giving. IMHO.
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I took him to the vet and there is nothing wrong internally, and the claw is grown back.
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