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"General Forums" sub-catagories

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Slight confusion.

When I got directly to www.thecatsite.com I see a list of forum areas. If I then go into one of those forum areas I see a listing of posts for that area.

If I click the "General Forums" link near the top however:

I get shown a diffrent listing of those same forum areas, but showing sub-catagories. Is this normal? Is there a way to set my options to see those sub-catagories when I look at the main page normally?

I have posted like over 150 times without ever having seen those sub catagories, until one of my messages was moved I had no idea they existed.


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I have my home page set to go straight to the Forums instead of the front page. Does that answer your question at all?
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I thought about that, it just seemed kinda strange that it starts at the ROOT -> SomeOtherForum -> General Forums and yet general forums leads back before "SomeOtherForum" and shows more detail. I guess it makes me wonder why the main page doesn't just do that and if I had just missed a setting somewhere.

But thanks anyways for the idea, I usually just go right to the new posts myself. Although General Forums will be more useful when posting so my messages end up in the right areas.
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It's always been like that. If you click on General Forums, you only see the general forums. It's the same with the other major headings.
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If you are finding it a pain having to click into general to get to the subs try the forum jump down the bottom right hand corner.
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I'm afraid that's the way VB handles several tiers of forums like we have. You can only see one sub-level from where you are.

I am not sure where you see the links from the main page www.thecatsite.com though? we have links there pointing to the articles sections, but not to particular forums.
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