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Update on the crew

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Someone just threatened me with dismemberment, if I didn't provide an update of my crew- so here it goes:

Cleo- his wounds are healing nice. That antirobe is good stuff. His face and head and chest are less swollen, he is eating well and drinking and much more active.

Tazzy- she is finally settling in. Well as settled as she can be with packages of wildside salmon in the house. Less litter pan accidents as time passes and we just give her the space she needs and the cuddling she wants late at night. I feel so bad when the interactive toys come out, she so wants to hunt the toys but she knows she can't and so she just lays there. We have now moved the cats to the bedroom to play during playtime, but she isn't dumb, she knows what is going on, and she wants to play so bad. I wish I knew of a toy that she could play with made for a three legged kitty

Prowler- she is a scamp and growing every day. She now crawls into my purse and fishes out the loose coin at the bottom and then flings it across the room. It's to funny. She won't get spayed till she is 6 months old so she is still confined in the house.

Squirrel- Squirrel is just Squirrel, her supply of walnuts have run out in the winter so she now resorts to pinecones and beetles and brings them inside to play-

Bailey- Bailey is now just a barn cat, his choice. He sleeps up in the rafters at night and in the horse feeder during the day.

Noddy and Wink- both are doing good. Wink has recovered from her excess gas problem and she and Noddy hang together most of the time.

Gypsy- She still has bouts of hissing with Wink, but they do get along, they just posture a lot when they are in the same room.

Cyclone- he came back and is under the house now. He comes out to feed during the night. The people who took him went on vacation and when they left he headed back to us. So I guess he has made his choice.

That's the crew update-
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So wonderful to hear about all your babies, MA, thank you for the update!
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Sounds like it's a happy house to me!
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Well! It sounds like things are finally settling in the mob. I'm not sure about dismemberment LOL but I was wondering how everyone was. Good news.
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I was just wondering about Tazzy - would she play lying down? One of mine often plays like this (due to laziness I hasten to add), she will lie on her back, chasing the whatever toy it is with all her paws in the air, grabbing and wriggling. Maybe yours would enjoy it?

I think your house must be a very happy place - but aren't you deafened by all the purring?

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Firstly, THANK YOU to whomever threatened you with dismemberment! You know we worry about you and your kitties, MA, you're all part of our family too! Glad to hear everyone is getting along well and getting better.
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Thanks for the update... too bad there aren't any pictures to go with them though... guess beggars can't be choosers!
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Why not play with Tazzy one on one? I would use a kitty catcher and get her moving around- it would be great physical therapy! I have know a few tripods and all do quite well over time. Most of the time you forget they are missing a leg! Our clinic cat Salem was all black and many clients petted him and fussed over him for 5 or 10 minutes before they noticed he was a tripod, some never realized at all!
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