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Problems with Litter Dust

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I'm having some issues with the boys carrying around litter dust on them. I figure if they have so much in their fur that I sneeze like crazy when I pick them up, then it's going to be worse for them when they clean themselves.

Unfortunately I've fallen in love with clumping litter. So have the boys (ie, the cats). I really don't want to switch back to clay litter, but I may have to.

Corn-based litter is out of the question because I'm allergic to it. Crystals are out too because of Hans being delcawed and having rhuemitoid arthritis.

And cost is a problem. I need around 30 pounds of litter for the two extra-large boxes, and I like to change it frequently.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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I've tried so many different clumping litters. Precious Cat doesn't have any dust....zippo....nada. You can get it at PetsMart. They also have a website http://www.preciouscat.com/

I like it alot, but I still like the scented stuff....I won't deny it.
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I vote for "Precious Cat" brand of litter too. I have asthma and this litter does to the trick in the dust department, it really is the most dust free scooping litter I have used and I've used many brands. I use the unscented for multiple cats and really, as long as you clean like you're supposed to, there is no smell. It also clumps extraordinarily well too...rock hard, very easy to keep things clean. I think it lasts longer too.
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www.citypet.com has a small ionic air filter that makes the dust heavy so it doesn't leave the pan. I have been using it for years-

Another option is http://www.outofsightlitterbox.com/ this also keeps the litter contained and the turf inside stops the tracking of the dust into the house
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You know Hissy, I've had my ionic air filter for a few months now... before we moved, it controlled dust great but ever since we moved, it feels like it's horribly dusty everytime I scoop! And I use Arm & Hammer Super Scoop, which is supposedly dust free... do you think my filter is broken or needs cleaning or something?
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I wish I could use a litterbox like that out of sight one, but Hans is too arthritic to jump anymore. Besides, Merlin has this thing where he has to have an entire open room, or he backs up to far and misses the box. Thank heavens for basements and plastic storage containers

I'm going to have to look into Precious Cat. I haven't heard of it before. I was just at Petsmart earlier today. I'll have to price it the next time I'm in there.

I think the main problem is that it's winter. There's no breezy windows to lay in. All three cats' coats have doubled in thickness since October. And because our house is always so cold, they perfer to sleep all day then run around or groom themselves. All that equals way too much dust in their fur. I think I'm going to make an appointment with an allergy doc next month, instead of closer to summer. I've never had problems like this before, and I know that my allergies have been getting worse these past few years.
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I myself like "Feline Pine" which is made 100% from wood, so theres no wet clay or clumping building up on the pads or in between the toes. No clay footprints across tables. No dust that makes the cats cough like silica crystals did when we tried that. Its light and absorbant and fights oder. It expands when wet from hard pellets to soft pine. Tracks slightly but because its light in weight it stays around the box fairly well depending on the cat, and is also easy to vaccume off a carpet or sweep off a kitchen floor. Its easy to toss the whole mess into a garbage bag and then carry out to the trash. The solids are scoopable and flushable as well. The box rinses out easily and empties with a couple taps.

Speaking only for myself, its the easiest litter to clean up that I have tried.
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I know you can contact the company and tell them. They are in the process of upgrading their machines and making them more efficient. Mine lasted 9 months before it finally quit, but for the price it was well worth it. IMO
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Sigh...I'm allergic to wood, too. It's why I couldn't have hampsters anymore.
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Originally Posted by wodesorel
Sigh...I'm allergic to wood, too. It's why I couldn't have hampsters anymore.
How about training the cats to use the person bathroom instead of a box?
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