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Introducing Myself

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Hello My name is Mai Tai and I was recently adopted. I'm between 1 and 2 years old. I'm a sealpoint Lynx and I love my new home. I have put on weight and my coat is nice and shiny. I also have loads of new toys to play with because I'm loved very much by my new mommy and Daddy. I love tuna and cheese for treats.
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Hi Welcome !!

I am sure you are going to enjoy it here

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Welcome to the site!!! Nice to have you here!!! Hope to see you posting often!! Any pics you have would be great to see! :blubturq:
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Welcome to The Cat Site. Hope you like it here. It's usually pretty addictive!
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Welcome to The Cat Site! I hope you enjoy it here as much as we do, and I hope to see you posting often!

:daisy: :flower: :daisy: :flower:
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Welcome Mai Tai!!! And welcome to your wonderful mom, who is taking such good care of you! Hope to hear more from you both!
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Mai Tai and mommy!

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Hi, there, Mai tai. Welcome. I can't wait to see pictures of you. :blossom: :girlie: :pinky: :jarswim: :blubturq:
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Hello and thank you for the warm welcome. My photo is on page 1122. My Mommy hasn't figured out how to get it here on this page. I think she should ask Ann for help again. It is sunny and warm today here in Utah. Hope your having a sunny day as well.
Hugs Mai Tai
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Mai Tai

I just had to go and look at your picture. You didn't tell us you were THIS adorable and precious!!!!

I need a cat like you so I won't be so jealous!!!!! And Snowball needs a little friend.
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I am lothuial...I have 2 cats...Ramzeys,an Abbysinian, and Sheeba a black and white medium hair primadonna who thinks shes a purebred...
:LOL:This is my first time...I love the smiley selection. I also belong to fanforum and theirs are very limited.
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Welcome to The Cat Site !!
I'll have to pop over and take a look at your picture!
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Thanks Gemini...hey I am a Gemini to....I don't have a photo on my profile yet....but I just started an Abbysinian thread in the breeders corner....thats one of the breeds I have...Sheeba,,,my other cat is there too!
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I tried looking for your picture, but couldn't find it. I am dying to see you.
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are you talking to me Nena??? I am totally digging these smilies!!!!!
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I was asking Mai Tai about her cat page. But pictures of you will be nice too.
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I do't have a photo of me but I did send a photo of my kittys on a thread I made in the Breed corner entitled Abbysnian fever which is one of the cats I have!
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Hi and welcome Mai Tai and parents.
You have just found the Purrrrfect site..
Enjoy, relax, use the scratching post, claw the lounge if you want to.
We have fields of catnip and oceans of tuna.
*hugs and scratches under the chin*
Tish + 4 Mishka Roxane Monty and Moofey

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