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Hi all. I am very interested in adopting a Bengal kitty. I already have a 3 year old kitty. I have read everywhere that 2 cats are better than 1 and am thinking that she would like a playmate. I do not know to much about Bengals temperments or how they are with other animals. Does anyone know or had any experience with them?
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Well, I am not a breeder, nor do I own one. I do however see them and have spoken to breeders about them. You I am sure know the temperment by now as yours is 3. They can adapt to new pets, I would do it the slow route at first though. As for getting one. If it were me looking to buy one, I would make sure it had a definate 5 generations behind it. It to me seems they are less "aggressive" this way. There's some more info and links on this site. I am going to put the link in here for you.
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The catsite is where I got my first look at the Snow Bengals, and fell in love with the coloring. My 3 year old is not a Bengal, she is a mixed tabby that I adopted from the humane society. I have heard the pros and cons with introducing her to any type of cat at this stage in her life. She is a female who is very spoiled and used to being the only cat in my life. I heard that some male Bengals are very laid back, and might be a good match. Just curious if this is true.

The last thing I would want to do is make Lilly's life unbearable or unpleasant. I am trying to do as much research as possible before deciding if I will be able to bless my home with another furry feline!!
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Sorry, must have read it wrong. The only advice I can give you is from my experiences. I had felt the same way at one time. Everytime I brought someone new home, I was more worried about the older cats. Now I am up to 11, so that sais something in itself. I started out with one!! Cats are usually very social creatures and don't mind a new friend. I have found that older cats adjust to kittens a little better than teens or older cats. If you bring home a bengal as a kitten I wouldnt worry about the bengal too much. I still suggest a 4 to 5 generation in either sex. A male might be a little better only because your cat wont feel as threatened. They are very beautiful cats as long as they are bred responsibly. I wish you luck in your decision!!
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Hi Swalker!

I have a bengal kitten, named Tigger! She is 9 months old. She's a great cat: very talkative, playful, etc. I bought her from a breeder for $500.00 Expect to pay that for a "pet quality" bengal kitten. Of course, Tigger, is a show cat, but I'm not doing that. She has the brown & spotted markings on her. We always wanted a bengal, but could never afford one! I am glad we got her! I think you should get one..... you'll be very happy with a male or female. If my husband would let me, I'd buy Tigger a male bengal!
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Hi I am the proud owner of a 12 month old marble bengal male. He is very affectionate, inteligent, talketive and energetic - I can't say enough. IF you decide to purchase one please keep in mind that the Bengal experience is something special. When I mentioned energetic I do mean energetic - I spend at least 1/2 hour in the morning playing with him and then another good hr. at night - when I am exhausted he still goes on like the energizer bunny. When I am home he has regular conversations with me and
calls from another part of the house for me to come see him. I just wanted you to know in case you are more inclined to a less active cat. They are all wonderful creatures no matter what breed you choose and I for one would not trade my little love for anything in the world.
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I just bought another bengal; a snow leopard male bengal! Hell603 is right about the Bengal being a special breed! For one, they are a beutiful cat. They have energy...tons of energy! I was playing with Tigger, our 10 month old bengal, and could she jump! She loves playing with cat wands, straws, etc! I think you'd be extremely happy if you chose to get one, or even 2 would be funner!!
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My boyfriend got two bengals about 5 months ago. They are so adorable. Pretty rowdy too. We are going to introduce one of them to my little kitty and see how she acts. I have done so much research on the Bengals and I am really ready for one. It's so good to hear that you got another Bengal. I heard one is just never enough. Thanks Hell603 for the info.

By the way I know you have probably answered this question already but what does Hell603 stand for?
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Pretty boring actually - my name is Helen but that always seem to be taken when establishing an ID# and my own mother even misspells it at times with two LL's (maybe she is trying to tell me something). So in order to not have any more problems with ID #'s I used my mothers idea of spelling my name and added the house # of my then address - problem soved. I am so glad you decided on a Bengal you won't regret it!!!
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That is pretty great. I too have problems with my name.. Shannon. I should come up with something clever like that. Thanks everyone for the advice on the Bengal. They are just so beautiful!!
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