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Need Help For Sick Manx!

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Salutations to all cat lovers!!!! I am a new member, I am worried about my Manx, Idgy. I can't get her to the vet until tomorrow, so I'm writing in hopes someone can at least give me an idea of what could be wrong.

Idgy is 6 years old-a beautiful gray and white Manx. Perfect health until recent weeks. She started peeing and defecating outside the litter box. We took her to the vet about a week ago. She was prescribed Laxatone liquid, given an enema, and we were told to add another litter box. It's been 1 week. She's lethargic, eats and drinks very little, and does not appear to be using the bathroom hardly at all. I did find two hard stools on a towel in the bathroom floor. Any ideas on what could be wrong. She also walks very tenderly, as though her rectum is sore......... I love Idgy and I won't be able to sleep until I get her to the vet tomorrow. (At the last vets vist, the vet said her colon appeared to be full-hence the enema. She said Idgy did not seem to have a urinary infection)......
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I have no advice but wanted to send some *good vibes*.
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Manx's are notorious for having problems with eliminating waste as they get older- your kitty really needs a vet first thing in the morning, especially being lethargic. Not producing stool it depends on how much and what you are feeding? Once they get cleaned out, they don't feel like going for awhile after that, and enemas are really hard on any cat-
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I so hope your darling Idgy is feeling much better very soon. Please keep us updated how her visit to the Vet goes in the morning.
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Hi everyone! Thanks for all who welcomed me to the forum. I am looking forward to discussing one of my most favorite subjects--CATS!

I took Idgy to the vet today. She had a temperature of 104. I forgot to ask the vet if that is considered a high temperature. Idgy was dehydrated and lethargic. The vet gave her some liquids (saline) and some prescription antibiotic, in case she has a bladder infection. She also had blood tests to check her liver and kidneys. Those were fine. Came home from work today and Idgy's still laying in the same place-on my bed. Just can't figure what's wrong with her. Guess I'll keep giving her the antibiotic and if she doesn't perk up, I'll take her back. The vet said we may want to get her thyroid checked next. The vet also said Idgy could be allergic to her food........Anybody out there had any similar health problems with their cats???
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Thank you Rita. Your cat is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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104 is a little high for cats they should run 102.5 . Give your kitty a nice dark place to lay down in and keep the room quiet. Push fluids giving it to her slowly using a feeding syringe- give her pedialyte and let us know what they find out
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Thank you Hissy! Isn't it ironic? I noticed your location is in Oregon. My husband found our Manx in Oregon while camping, (very young stray) and flew her back to me in New Jersey 6 years ago! Is pedialyte OK to use? Thank you for caring!
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Pedialyte is the best thing to give her if she is dehydrated. You can check her dehydration status by the pinch test. While she is at rest, gently pinch her scruff of her neck, hold it for a few seconds, then release, The skin should fold down to normal in a matter of seconds, if it stays tented up, you need to get her to a vet quickly as she needs subcutaneous fluids. Also if her third eye appears and starts to cover her eye, get her to the vet immediately, this indicates dehydration, and or fever. Good luck-

I have a Manx, and he is the best cat. He is turning ten this year
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All the best for your kitty! Keep us updated.
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Seems as though Idgy is moving around a little more. She hates her antibiotic, but it's for her own good. Another positive sign, she is using her litterbox again to pee and poo. Yeah! Hopefully, she will do better with each day.......
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I'm putting Idgy on my prayer list and sending many good vibes her way. I know how anxious you must be. Stay strong and keep us updated!
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Well, Idgy is finally on the mend! The antibiotics appear to be working. I'm wondering if she got a bladder infection because she was holding her urine, because she was also constipated, and was afraid to bear down...........

Initially, I found puddles of urine outside her litterbox as well as hard, dry stools.

The vet has recommended pumpkin for constipation. Anyone heard of this?

Anyway, thank God she is doing better! I appreciate this forum and all the animal lovers in the world! Thank You to everyone who responded......
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So pleased it's working out. I have never tried pumpkin for constipation but I know it is a standard remedy.
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Oh so glad to hear things are going well! So often its bad news its always nice to hear good news! Yeah!!
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