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Just Wanted to Update You All On Pickles

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Hi all,

I want to "Thank" all of you who have listen to me about Pickles, even though its a hard time for us, where we don't know when he will leave us you have all been great. I was alittle bummed last nite because the lump behind his shoulder that I use to not be able to find, I now feel with no problem. He is in no pain, that I know of and seems to be enjoying himself. I am not sure how long he will be with us, but I do know he has touched my life. I am also so glad to have found this site, as I have met some wonderful people here, whom I am happy to call my new internet friends. As I told some of you we decided not to put him through anymore testing, as there is no help for him, and we can't see them poking at him anymore. We just love him, feed him and cuddle him. He is enjoying all kinds of treats. He especially loves it when my son eats a pizza lunchable, he likes the cheese. for a cat who is deaf in one ear he can always hear when my son opens the box
Well again " Thank You" to you all!!! This is a really great site!!!
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Thanks for the update... everytime I see an update it's always around the time I happen to be wondering about him - great timing! I'm sorry you can feel the lump easily, such a shame but that's great that he's not in any pain and is having a good life. He sounds like he's got it made with you and your family!
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Thanks for the update. I'm glad he seems painfree and is enjoying all the goodies and all the love he can get
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Pickles must be so happy to be in your family. You are making his last days a joy for him. I have been in your situation several times, and despite the heartache, I'm glad that these animals are with us, who will make their last days some of their best. I have seen other people put their pets through endless tests and agonizing treatments because "they couldn't bear to let go", which makes it easier for me to let the vet do her job. When the time is up,I've held them all, even my horse(his head was in my lap), knowing that sometimes the final act is the best thing I could have done for my friend. We're all here for you. Take Care, Susan
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Thank you so much for your update on pIckles. I'm so happy to hear he is happy and enjoying himself. You must love eachother so much! How wonderful that he still enjoys a special cheese treat!This must be such a difficult time for you as you cherish every moment together with your best friend.
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I admire you for making this choice and sticking to it. It's not a good situation but you are making the best of it, and at least you are getting the chance to treat your cat, spend quality time with him, and enjoy his company. I had that same chance with my old horse last year, and it made losing him (eventually) much easier to bear, knowing I'd had the chance to do all these things. My old cat died very suddenly, literally within hours of first being ill, and I think one of the most distressing things about it was that I felt I hadn't said goodbye properly, or made an extra fuss of her. Please give him a big hug from me, I hope you still have lots of days left together.

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Thanks for your update. Wishing you and Pickles a peaceful time with lots of cheese.
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Hi All,

Thanks so much for being here, this is truly a great place, you all have touched my heart with your warm thoughts and wishes.

Thanks so much form Pickles and me, may you all be blessed.
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