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BikoKitty is limping

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I'm not sure if this is the correct area to place this, but if I am wrong, please let me know. In any case, our baby kitty, Biko, has been limping since Sunday morning. We took her to our vet, and they took x-rays, and had a good look at Biko's right hind-leg, which is where she is limping, and they couldn't find anything. The vet prescribed some pain meds for Biko, but she is still limping today, and I am wondering if anyone can help me in knowing what this is. We have two other cats, Munchkin & MsKitty, and, while they play rough on occasion, I doubt that either of them could have hurt Biko. Is limping a sign of anything more serious ?
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It could be a sprain from playing too hard. We had that happen at our shelter once. Scared the heck outta me, too. I thought something was seriously wrong because one of our visitors noticed it and pointed the cat out to me. I put her in a cage with a litterbox and food and thought that she had broken something. (This was an hour after I had been told that two years ago a cat had broken a leg falling off the two-story cat tree at the shelter. It was just bad timing.) Needless to say, the kitty was fine, and by the next day she was walking normal.

You had her seen by a vet, and that's the smartest thing to have done! I don't think limping is a sign of something more serious, but I know there are others on the board who can answer for sure.
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I'm thinking she sprained it as well.
When Stormy was a kitten she sprained her hind leg, she couldn't put any pressure on it and if I touched she screamed! I was so sure it was broke. But the Xray came out ok. I never figured out how it happened though.

Try to keep her as quiet as possible (if possible ) Keeping her off of it should help her heal faster.
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Have you noticed if it is her leg or her paw that hurts? I thought that my cat had a sprain, but the vet couldn't find anything and my young grandson thought that it was her paw. I put Vitamin E on the paw, and that seemed to make it better. My 6 mo. old kitten had a limping problem, and it turned out to be a sprain, or muscle or something. My vet said that kittens get hung up by the claws and will pull rather than retract them, and that can overextend things. Sounds like she could use alot of laptime, and quiet stroking, like previously recommended, although, my little guy wouldn't slow down a bit (I'd adopted a littermate with him & they would set each other off). He's fine now and still very active. Hope she recovers soon - I seem to recall my guy took at least a week.
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From what my wife and I have noticed, it seems like Biko must have sprained her hind leg, because she is still favouring it, but it is not as obvious as it was on Sunday morning, when we took her to the vet. We have been keeping an eye on her, and she seems to be making a slow, but steady, recovery. Thanks for all of your insights.
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