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I am sick

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It started a few days ago .. I had a hacking cough and would cough so much, I could not catch my breath and would wheeze. On Saturday, I coughted so much, I threw up whatever was left in my stomach. My throat hurt, too. So, today, after sweating so much, I sat in the urgent care for 2 hours. I have the beginning of bronchitis, so the doc gave me presidone, and z-pac (zithromax) ... My inside left ear he said was red too.
As for this divorce thing .. I saw his true colors today ... I saw how uncaring he is and how materialistic he is. I will be better off without him. I just have to get through the hurtful stages still.
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I hope you feel better really soon it sucks being sick

Sorry to hear you are think of or getting a devorce hope it all works out for you
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I'm sorry for you to be so sick and to be going through a tough personal time on top of it. Hope your feel better soon!
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Just concentrate on your health for the meanwhile
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sending good vibes for you for a soon recovery!
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I am so sorry to hear of this, and undoubtedly the stress has weakened your system and you caught the crud that's certainly making the rounds up here. Sending strong, healing vibes, and make sure you take care of YOU, first.
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I'm sorry to hear you're under the weather. That's true what Elizabeth said......when you're under stress....your immune system suffers. I think I was sick for a year when I went through my divorce!

Just hang there......take your vitamins....get plenty of rest.....and take care of YOU! You can't let this thing drag you down. There is light at the end of the tunnel.....I promise!
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I'm sorry that you are sick, I hope you feel better.
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Sorry to hear you are sick. As to the 'other' issue, you will see that you'll ride the emotional roller coaster for awhile. Unfortunately, we don't just get over these things over night. Hang in there, Tigger.
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Concentrate on getting well. Sending lots of healing vibes!
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Oh Kim,
I'm sorry to hear you're sick. Hang in there kid. The kitties will help you through this.
As for your divorce, if he can't see what he is giving up, then poop on him.
We still think you're the greatest!!!!
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I can understand how you must feel - because you're rin down emotionally, bugs like this tend to take advantage of that situation. My mother also came down with bronchitis just as the stress of her divorce got on top of her. THe only problem is, it hasn't reall yleft her properly after 10 months - but tha'ts because she works with snotty kids all day every day. Just keep your chin up and concentrate on you. This is the time to be very selfish just for self-preservation. If your ex really is as uncaring and materialistic as you say, then you are much better off without him. Just you get well soon sweetie and let the stresses take care of themselves for a little while. You deserve better
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OMG-I started the coughing last night-and it continues today-also hot/cold-one of my coworkers has missed a week of work already!!. So I think I know how you are feeling physically. Take it easy and get well soon.
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Hang in there Tigger.....I've experienced both sickness and divorce and let me tell ya, both get better with time!! Just take care of yourself! My Tigger sends a kiss......
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Oh I hope you get better also. It stinks to be ill!! I'm sick today also. I woke up at about 4:00 am and my throat was on fire, my head completely stuffed up and aching. And yesterday I was fine! I have my boss to thank, who came in to work for a week straight with the worst nasty cold and refused to stay home. He kept using my phone and standing over my desk breathing his germs on me. I am very mad at him. I like him, but this was just ridiculous. I'm sorry, but no one is so important that they can't take a day off or two or at least work from home or one of our satellite offices (where there is some isolation). Anyway, sure enough, I'm miserable and of course, if I take sick time, I look bad, because *he* stuck it out. Hiss!

I just can't wait to get home tonight and snuggle up with my fuzzies on my lap. Your kitties will help you thru too. Hang in there!!
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Z-packs are wonderful... you'll be feeling better in no time! (=
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Not sure if I feel better today. I called in today again .. I tried to get dressed and take a shower and felt like I was going to pass out. I think had I gone in, I might have felt worse. So, I called the manager ... coultn tell what her thoughts were. After I got off the phone, I put my work clothes on and thought, If I could make it in, I'd be ok, but I felt so lousy. I still do when I walk around. And, from 1-3 I was up having coughing fits. I felt like I was kind of suffocating on my right side, too.
Tomorrow I have to go to work.
I stopped at Sonic today and got me a cheeseburger because it sounded good to me ... i eat weird things like that when im sick.
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Tigger, take as much time off as you need. If they want a doctors excuse, then go back to your doctor and tell him you need one. I know when I'm sick I have no choice then to go in. Noone will cover for anyone else there. (selfish a$$e$).
The nice thing is, when I feel better, they feel worse!!! LOL!(is that wrong?)
I get weird cravings for meat when I get sick to. I"ve had Brad bring me back a double cheeseburger from Wendys the last few times I've been sick and I HATE MEAT! I wonder why that happens???

Rest and feel better soon!!!!!!!!
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Tigger: You need to be careful!!!! Your illness sounds WAY too much like mine did about a month ago!!!

I woke up with a fever / hacking cough that came "out of nowhere" and what you describe (hard to breathe and feeling run down, throwing up etc.) happened exactly as mine did. I mean it kicked me arse hard. I went to the doctor and they said I had bronchitis and put me on Augmentons (900mgs). I got sicker and sicker and 5 days after visiting the doc I had to be rushed to the ER; I had pneumonia so badly they kept me for 5 freaking days.

Bronchitis can move quickly into pneumonia, so please keep an eye on that. If you get to the point where you have blue lips and fingernails and/or that cough is so painful you cannot breathe in deeply, you need to go back to the ER (skip urgent care places, just hit the hospital). I know it's easier said than done and us women tend to keep on plugging away no matter what, but just be careful! I didn't realize bronchitis could turn so quickly into something so horrible.

Best of luck and I hope you are feeling better... try to keep some food down & pay attention to your body.
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Take care of yourself, and
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I love the pic
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