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Worlds smallest cat

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I didnt see this posted anywhere so I thought I'd share.. It was on the Today show this morning. Sooooo cute!! Here is a link to the news page about him. He's only 3 pounds at 2 years old.
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OH MY!!!! What a sweet little face he has!!
And there couldn't be a better place for him to live
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He is adorable!!
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Oh how cute !!!
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I had seen him before, but he is just too cute not to have another look. I would love to have a cat that small. It would be like always having a kitten to cuddle.
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Cute! But feeding four times a day? His metabolism must be out the roof.
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He's adorable!!!

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Awww so sweet - Lily would feel like a giant next to him!!
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OMG! I want him! He is the cutist thing ever!
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OMG!!! He is about the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life. Doesn't he have the cutest face?
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love that kittie!
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Aww he's so cute!
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awwwww.... Benditoooo... he's sooo cute!
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Awww.....I want him!!!
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soooo cooottt!! even teufel thinks so
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Very cute... kinda disturbing though. It said he had a genetic defect. Did someone intentionally breed that into him? Like the teacup puppies?
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Im not sure.. They said it wasnt a breed thing. He was supposedly just a regular tabby and when he didnt grow I guess they got worried and had him tested. My mom thought he was adorable but was concerned about his head being bigger than it should be. lol At least he seems healthy! He was so scared to be on TV though, just clinging to his owners shoulder!
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Oh the poor little love he's so cute but I can't help but feel sorry for him
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How cute.. makes me think of my little guy. He wasn't even a pound when I got him. He's going to be 8 weeks old on Friday so I'm bringing him into work to get his kitty shot. I wonder how much bigger he has gotten.

Although I can't imagine feeding him 4 times a day for the rest of his life!!
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What a HONEY!!!! I'm SO Jealous!!!
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How precious!
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What a gorgeous tiny cat, awwwww!
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Awwww what a sweetie pie!
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he is sooooo cute! I also saw that episode. I'll bet that the owner is getting all kinds of offers to breed with him
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Oh my gosh! It's just too cute!
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