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Please sign Max's New Petition  

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Hi Everyone 's

There are so many new members here that I thought I would take the oppurtunity to introduce you to Max. Max was brutally killed by a Juvenile Probabtion Officer in Sacramento, CA. (this guy is still directing troubled teens, not to mention, he is pulling a paycheck even after being charged with Felony Animal Abuse).

Max has become a household name in many cat forums due to the nature of this case. You can obtain more information at his site and if you'd like to email the Mayor of Sacramento, a sample letter is provided for your convenience. There are many other contact names and email addresses if you have wish to email them as well. If not, please sign his petition, as it would help a great deal in the upcoming trial against this creature that killed such an innocent baby.
Thanks for the continued support Below is a pic a of Max

Love & Peace
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Hello Catarina:

When I click on the link the following message

Sorry, but the petition Please Help us Find Justice for Max the Cat! ended on 10/05/2001.

Thought you might want to know

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Catarina, same thing happened to me. the petition isn't there anymore Sorry, but I did try!!!
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I'm really sorry, but there is some type of error within PetitionPetition.com...we're emailing these people and so far no one has contacted us. I'll make sure to create a new Thread when it becomes available again. Once again...I apologize for this inconvenience, but thanks so much for trying!

Love & Peace,
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Sorry, we did try to sign but got a message saying the petition was closed.
Guess I am too late

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