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Me and Conner's update(LONG)

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hello all,
I havent had the oppurrtunity to post or even browse to much lately and it is driving me crazy!!! BUT,, I wanted to give Conner's update--He is now 100% his old self since his neuter and I am glad. He has even acquired a new game somehow. When I get home, for the first 5 or so mins Conner likes to play tag. He runs at me like a mad cat trying to get me and I scramble away. When he catches me he takes off and I chase him. I like to run and hide behind a wall and when he comes stealthily trying to find me, I jump out and he takes off running. We have a blast with this game, and its fun because he never did this before. (and here I was worried about having a fat lazy kitty! Sheesh!)
I bought a really cheap cat calendar and hung it near conner's play area and didnt think a thing about it,,Well, that was a mistake, cuz Mister Conner wasnt happy with these new cats being in his house. I have a pic of him reaching up the wall at the calendar,,you cant tell in the pic but he was meowing fiercely at these calendar kitties. It was so funny!! I picked him up and brought him closer to it and he hissed and jumped out of my arms! Sooo, I took it down and proceeded to show him that they were not real. It was just such an amazing process to watch. He just didnt understand. He would sneak around to the back of the calendar I guess to sniff or surprise the kitties, but then just find blank white paper space and look so confused. He just kept looking up at the wall where it WAS hanging , like,,HEY, WHERE DID THEY GO? For like 15 mins he sniffed around the house trying to pick up there scents,POOR BABY,,,he must have thought his sniffer had failed him!! But anyways, it was truly cute, and I will post the pic either this afternoon or tomorrow. On another note, I convinced my best friend that her and her hubby needed a kitten, so we went and adopted a little gray kitten who is just the cutest thing!! I helped name him, his name is Ezra. Conner doesnt usually like other cats but he likes little Ezra.(well, sorta) Ezra follows him around like he is his big brother and I think it annoys Conner cuz he tries to do everthing Conner does and he rubs all over him. Conner just looks at him like,,what the heck are you doing!!! But he cant fool us, because we found them all cozied up together asleep. Its cute and now Ezra comes over all the time for play dates with Conner. I am sorry that this post was so long, I am just making up for lost time and wanted to update you all on how my baby was faring. Again,,sorry it is so lengthy!!!! Talk at ya later!
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Hey Stevie! Welcome back... Glad to hear Conner is all better... You'd better get started catchin up on the threads ... lol Vacation starts this week!!!
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Good to hear Connor is doing so well after his neuter! He is such a little character. His antics really gave me a giggle.
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