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are oust air sanitizers ok to be around cats?

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i was thinking of getting an unscented one (i think they have them) with a fan for the "kitty litter room" (actually the art room).

it says on the package not to use in small pet areas that are not well-ventilated, but the room is a fairly large bedroom and i keep the door open.

any other ideas for fairly cheap odor reducers? i use arm & hammer clumping litter which is VERY good, but it stinks when i change the box.

i recently purchased a large air purifier- maybe i can move it in there a few hours a day.

i'd appreciate feedback about the oust though.

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I'd think it would be ok. I've seen some "sponges" with charcoal in them that really help. You find them in what looks like a flattened cottage cheese container. I've seen them at grocery stores, dollar stores and hardwear stores. Thing is, they don't have any sent AND work very much like baking soda. Just a thought.

How does your air purifier work? my boyfriend has many allergies (including cats, but only some cats...which includes mine) and I was thinking that I might look into them in the future.

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I use the plug in air freshners, but to get rid of cooking smells such as vegetables i've used Oust but only when Rosie and Sophie are upstairs away from it.
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www.citypet.com works great to clear the air of odors and clay dust
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I've heard good things about that Citypet ionic air filter.
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thanks everyone for the input, especially pointing me toward citypet.

i just picked up these awesome litter boxes- they're boodah boxes, but are huge and look kind of like little igloos. i will have to post pics once they are set up. the kitties go up a tiny ramp to get in, then it's all contained- they can kick litter around; i don't think smell will get out, etc.

the purifier i just got is a whirlpool hepa. shuld do the job, but the citypet one for the art room would be great.

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I've been using the Oust fan (unscented) and placing it behind the Booda Dome. The dome is angled to fit in the corner of a room so the boys can't reach it.

Oh, did you get the Booda Scoop too?
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i didn't see a boodah scoop. are they special in some way? wish i'd gotten one of those, too (also more liners- only got one package; i was in a hurry).
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The Booda Scoop comes with a cannister that folds down. You stick the scooper in the flap that folds down, then the flap will go up on it's own. I use this because it hides the scooper from the cats and any guests that come over. It also has a rake edge so you can clean the rakes on a Littermaid (if you have one). I thought it was a pretty neat design.
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I have also been considering one of these Oust fans, so I asked Sierra's Specialist yesterday if they are safe. He answered that they are safe, and in fact he has one in his own home with his cats. I believe I may get one.
If anyone finds any different info, I hope you will tell us! I would never want to use anything that may be a danger to Sierra.
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