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It Is Over, I am Good!

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I just got back from the hospital. I am fine, everything is as it should be.
It was fun getting to visit with Shannon, for we rarely get a chance to visit alone!

I am so relieved. Got any suggestions for good food?
I have got to take a nap.

Then, yummy food!

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Whatever your favourite thing is to eat is what you should have. I've been through that whole colonoscopy thing - UGHH!

Glad to hear you are fine and have a nice nap.
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Great to have you back Bobbie and so relieved for you that everything is ok!!

Whatever you have to eat, enjoy it!
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Brilliant!!! Time to pamper yourself now.
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Yay! Rest well and have a good, hearty meal!
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Bobbie, so relieved you got through it in such fine spirits! Now go eat!
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So glad to hear everything is just as it should be!

Treat yourself to something truly decadant!
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Bobbie! Glad all is well. What should you eat? Whatever you please -- preferably something naughty and decadent -- as a celebration!!
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This is definately the time to treat yourself to something sinful, but I'd suggest something solid. For me, that was the worst part of having a colonoscopy-not eating solid food for a day!
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How about one of those "eat all you want" buffets?
I'm relieved to hear that everything's okay.
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Yeah Bobbie!! I knew it would be ok......stuff yourself!!
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Glad to hear you are okay. Treat yourself to something extra-delicious, that is what I'd do.
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Good to hear... glad you're back and able to eat again!
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Oh, thank goodness!!! I'm so glad you're okay.

I agree with everyone else: eat something yummy and take a nice long nap!
post #15 of 28 something GREAT...preferrably something that you dont have to prepare yourself

so glad that the procedure was without complication and had a happy ending
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Originally Posted by jcat
How about one of those "eat all you want" buffets?
I'm relieved to hear that everything's okay.

i have to agree with tricia

im glad you got through it
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Y'all, I think it is the after effects, but I am all emotional and crying. I think it is just that I tried so hard NOT to let myself think bad things, and I am so relieved.
I decided to order a pan pizza from Pizza Hut.
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Glad to hear you're ok, enjoy your pizza!
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I'm glad everything went well and you're ok, enjoy your pizza Bobbi!!!
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I'm happy to hear that everything turned out ok Bobbie!

That's just great news.
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Great news!!!
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I'm glad you got some good news! Hope your pizza was yummy !
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I vote for a big, gooey hot fudge sundae.

Glad that the news was good.
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Pleased to see you back! I am so glad that everything went well for you!

I hope you enjoyed you pizza!

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Hurray, Bobbie!
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Oh gosh, I am SOOOOOOO relieved for you!! I went and did a search, to see if I could find if you'd posted about your test results!!! I am sure YOU are beyond relieved! I think 2005 will be a better year for you, what say you??!!
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That's such great news Bobbie.
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YAY, great news Bobbie, now as far as eating, how about a large slice of homemade pecan pie, still slightly warm with some ice cream on it.... SO glad for you
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