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Advice on a potential move needed please

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My hubby is leaving for Iraq soon. We just moved to Colorado and I don't know anyone. I don't have a job yet and my family lives in FL. Both my husband and father want me to move to FL for the 5 months that he'll be gone. My Dad and Stepmother say, "Bring Seamus, we'd love to have him." But they have dogs. Four Golden Retrievers in fact. The dogs are so sweet and loving (they are goldens after all) but Seamus has never been near a dog. He's only 4 months old. I don't know what to do. I'm sure the dogs wouldn't hurt him on purpose, but they're so much larger then he is. But then, when Chris is gone, I don't want Seamus to be lonely with just me in the house. He loves his Daddy so much and follows him everywhere. I thought that if I went home, he'd have a bunch of companions to keep him company.
Any thoughts? Thanks,
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Do you want to move back home? Or do you want to stay where you are, look for a job, make new friends, and try and keep things as normal as possible? I don't know where in Colorado you are, but I used to live in Aurora, and I always found the folks to be friendly and nice.

About the dogs, if they are obedience trained and compliant, you shouldn't have much of a problem because your cat is young enough. But retrievers are prey dogs (they hunt) and that is instinctive in them, so you could experience some problems that way.If these dogs are missing their natural desire to be in the fields to hunt, you kitty could be in danger. They are overly-exuberant dogs by nature, and kitty could also get stepped on. If these dogs are not getting enough exercise, regularly being walked etc...

Just some things to think about. I pray your husband remains safe in his time overseas-
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I'd actually rather leave. I really don't like this place very much. It's so brown. It's depressing in it's browness. I hope the 3 years we have to be here fly by and we're able to leave. Now, in the event I find a job I enjoy, that will add to my quality of life. I always liked working. But on the whole, I'd rather spend 5 months in FL with my family.

My dad's Goldens aren't much in the way of great hunters. In 10 years, Katie (the oldest) has managed to flush out a couple of squirrels and corner a rabbit. She was clueless with what do with it when she caught it. The 4 are all trained and most have acted as therapy dogs.

I do worry that Seamus could get stepped on. But that could happen by me accidentally. My mom stepped on her maltese by accident and killed it.
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Then move back, and do the introductions gradually, and it should be fine. There will be initial spitting and hissing and your kitty may try to escape out of the house. I would be sure the kitty is microchipped before you move back though, just to be safe. Also call a vet back there in Florida and ask them what microchip they use- because there are a few out there on the market and all are not compatible with the scanners used to detect them-
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That's good advice. He was microchipped at the Humane Society here. I'll call and make sure it's compatible.

I was just kind of worried about Seamus. About whether the flight and meeting a house full of dogs would be too much for him.
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Well it's not going to be easy, he will be in shock from the travel (depending on how you are getting there) he will be upset because of the routine change, so look for not eating, lethargy, missing the litter pan or vomiting and if those occur get him to the vet immediately-

Good luck
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