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Sorry MaryAnn it frightened me too. It reminded me of that film with Dustin Hoffman & Laurence Olivier (?) where there's an evil Nazi dentist.

How about a dentist in a ridiculous position, i.e. with his zipper open, or standing on his head? You could laugh at that. I have to say though, that being a member of the 'Terrified of going to the dentist' Club it would have to be good to make me feel better about going!

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Wow! I'd be off that website in a second, no offence. Very scary!
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Originally Posted by annabelle33
I think it's good work but that if someone scared of the dentist is coming there it might just be too much. I'm not scared of dentists and it freaked me out a little.
gotta agree w/everyone else - one scary graphic! & i don't mind going to the dentist... i mind PAYING for the dentist! if it was as low as my doctor's co-pay, i'd go a lot more often!
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It reminds me of Jack Nicholson's scene in the original "Little Shop of Horrors". THAT is enough to turn anyone off of dentists!
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[quote=Emma's Friend]I looked. It reminded me of a horror movie poster.QUOTE]

hahah thats so true!!

"You can run but you can't hide. Coming this spring to a theater near you.... THE DENTIST!"

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"maybe a smiling patient and a dentist facing each other with a handshake or something to suggest a truce?"
No way! No truce! (hee-hee) With last year's dental adventure still fresh in my mind, the heading is ok. Maybe throw in a picture of a dentist in his BMW. Or a stack of 100.00 bills. Or a person trying to spit when their entire upper lip area is full of Novocaine!! Ugh! The stories I could tell would make you shudder.
Brush often!
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Originally Posted by Emma's Friend
I looked. It reminded me of a horror movie poster.
That's the first thing that came into my mind -- horror movie. There actually is a horror movie called "The Dentist." I've seen the video at Blockbuster. Ugh!! WHO on EARTH would rent that?!!! I guess somebody does because there's even a "Dentist 2!" Yeesh.
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Originally Posted by Tigger
Eek. I havent gone to the dentist for 7 years now. Everytime I make an appointment, I end up not going because I hate, hate, hate going. I dislike the smell of the dentist office, and I dislike the way the hygentists speak to me like I am a little kid.

And, I am being honest here: I'd rather GET a pap smear than a dental check .... Come on, girls, join me on this one!
This is going to come back & bite you in the a$$, no pun intended!
I agree with the pap-smear thing, because I neglected my teeth, too. And after an ongoing process that took almost a year, & almost 2000.00 of my hard earned money, I'll tell ya, you'll end up there more & more if you don't take care of it now. And the older you get, the worse it is.
So enjoy your ice-cream & corn n the cob now. While you can.
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