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MommaKitty had her kittens

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MommaKitty finally had her babies. My husband and I were away for the weekend and when we came home this afternoon we were greeted by one of our daughters with the question "Guess how many cats we have now!!"

We now have a total of 12! She had 5 little ones. 2 orange tabbies and 3 dark tabbies. One of the dark ones has an interesting pattern. They were born early Saturday morning. So far it looks like mom and babies are doing fine.

When these guys are old enough we are getting MommaKitty spayed. She's going to need a new name then! :LOL:
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Hi there Pat!

Wow, now I know what you meant when you posted in one of the Threads I started! LOL :laughing2

Well, what a nice surprise to come home to! They sound so adorable...i just love, love, love kittens!

Spaying MommaKitty is a great idea!!! Then you won't have to worry about any more names after that!! Thank the Lord!

Good luck & if you get a chance, could you post a few pics of her and the babies?

Love & Peace
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I look forward to seeing a pic of the new kittens. They are soooo adorable at that age.

Take care.
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Oh Pat!! Congratulations on being a grandma
I can't wait to see pics, and I am so jealous, everyone on here seems to be having orange babies now, and I want an orange cat so bad!!
My first cat when I was a little girl was an orange cat.
Last saturday my step-daughter and I had just gotten back from taking my two black kitties to my brother, and we were on the way home, and I spotted a full grown orange cat in the weeds out in the country, and I pulled over, and we got out and called kitty kitty, but he ran away. If he had come up to us, I would have taken him home! But I would also have called the neighbors to make sure he didn't belong to any of them, but only a couple of our neighbors have cats, and I'm sure no orange ones. He must have been a stray, poor thing.
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Congratulations!!! Kittens are so cute. I hope we get to see pictures soon.
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I'll try to take some pictures of them all as soon as possible. I must admit, they are pretty cute and they each have a wonderful set of lungs. Even though I didn't want her to get pregnant before we got her in the house, I'm kinda glad because my girls got the opportunity to see these little ones almost from birth. They can't wait until they can hold them.

Debby...if we lived closer to each other I'd let you have BOTH of the orange ones. I know you would take good care of them.
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Gemini; CONGRATULATIONS!!! My favorite phrase: "Nothing is as PRETTY as an itty-bitty kitty!" Good luck with finding homes for all of them. . . . .(except the one you keep of course! {yes you will; you know you will} )
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I want a new kitty....
I am so happy for ya G! I can't wait for the pics too!
:daisy: :angel4: :flower:
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Completely envious! I love baby kittens. Enjoy them, they are so fun.
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