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We did this before the crash

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Does anyone want to do it again? You take the alphabet, and take each letter. That letter starts with some word that describes TCS. Then the next person takes the next letter and so on...... I'll start!

A. Awesome!
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C. Community
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D. Desireable (as in, we all desire to be here when we're not!)
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E- Educational
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F- Fear ...
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I-Incredible!!! And Inspiring!!!
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J- Joyful~
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K - Kind (kind members)... and Kindred spirits!
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M. Marvelous people
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N. Nosy cat people (Nosy in a very good way tho... lol)
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O - Opinionated
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P.Precious kitties
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Q . questions abouts our cats
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R. Refreshing!
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S. Sexy.
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T~ Terrific
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Ok dont give me a weird look but listen. TCS is like a vine, we look to each other for supprt, in which helps us grow stronger and bigger. Were like the cell structure of TCS. The more members the bigger the vine and stronger

a plant whose stem requires support and which climbs by tendrils or twining or creeps along the ground
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V~ Valuable
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W. Wacky!!
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X-Xtremely wonderful.
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Z- zestful ( )

Edited: Ooops , I don't know my alphabet I missed the Y!
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Originally Posted by stormy
Z- zestful ( )
That works hehe
But you forgot Y

Y~ Yappy? We do talk a lot
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ok....so do we start over again or this thread finished?

If we do start again....I guess I get "A".

A- amazing
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B- beautiful (as in everyone's kitties! )
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C~ Cats!!!!
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