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I have a 1 year old Calico manx who has constant diarhea . She eats well , drinks lots of water , and seems to be in good health otherwise . Any suggestions on what to do ?
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Has she been to a vet to be tested for all the known parasites? What are you feeding her? Is she an inside only cat, inside/outside? Is she a breed specific kitty or a backyard kitty? Does she have access to anything like well water, or are you on city water? Have you tried giving her only bottled water? Do you feed her any table scraps or anything else?
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Hi Catula, welcome to TCS.

There are many illnesses that cause diarrhea. Distemper, ecoli, coccidia, giardia, worms, salmonella and food allergies are just a few. It would be a good idea for her to get a full check up at the vet, including having her faeces tested.
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Also, have a look at this thread.
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She is indoor only with 5 others , they are all fine . She eats Kit and Kaboodle or Cat Cafe gourmet . Very few table scraps and city water .
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Is there mucous or blood in her stool? It is more than likely the food- kit n kaboodle is (pardon the expression) but garbage. It is loaded with dyes, and fillers. You really should look into switching her over to a better grade of food, just do the switch slowly. IAMS, Royal Canin, anything but what you are feeding. I am not familiar with Cat Cafe Gourmet, but if it is giving her diarrhea you need to get her off of it. Have her stool tested, and if it comes out clean, put her on a better grade of food. Diarrhea lends itself to a lot of problems, dehydration, fever, and other problems can result when a cat is losing so much moisture. I would also start giving her Pedialyte in her water bowl- and no table scraps, just good quality cat food
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Daisy is a squitty cat with permanently loose stools. She has been thoroughly checked by our vet, who says it is just the way she is (she is very nervy and it seems to show itself in the litter tray). Every so often I give her boiled chicken for a couple of days. This bungs her up, giving her poor digestive tract a chance for a rest. She is normally fed on IAMS. I would second the opinion that you need to get the vet to examine your cat, in case it is treatable, but with Daisy it's just the way she is.
We have often said we ought to package up Daisy's dollops and sell them to the military as weapons - imagine terrorists hiding in a cave. Throw in a Daisy Dollop, watch them all emerge with their eyes streaming!

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