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Hoping this helps those in pain

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Whoever wrote this knew my Matilda.

Tilly was put to sleep, in my arms, at 1pm today, Jan 23, 2005.

When my precious little one's kitty soul left her body, I was telling her of all my love for her; all she meant to me over the years and how she had changed me and my life.

I begged her to go to sunny green meadows and wait for her Mommy.

My heart hurts for my Tilly. At this moment I don't think I will every be the same. Then I try to remember how much I have to offer one or two homeless little ones, with no voice of their own......and only me to protect them. What better way to honor my Tilly and her brother Simba who went on before her last November.

But right now, I am raw and bleeding, and I see my Tilly everywhere I look, even when I close my eyes. Only others who love their pets like this can understand, and even though I am new here.....I am very glad I found you. I will try to post my baby's picture as soon as I figure that out.

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I know that this loss is shattering to the soul and painful for the heart. In time you will heal, in time you will understand why Matilda was in your life and what she taught you while she was there. Right now just reflect on what she meant to you in life and do not dwell on her passing-

I split your thread off the one you answered to, as I did not what it to become lost in an older thread-

You have my heart-
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Tilly has gone to meet her brother Simba. Do you have any family members who have crossed the Bridge as well? In 1992 my nephew Ramien was murdered, and in 1993 my brother Ed was killed by a drunk driver, so since then, I tell my passing pets to go find them. I am so GLAD that you had the courage to hold dear little Tilly, you put the best interest of your little sweetheart before yourself. I lost 3 kitties this year, and my husband's dog was responsible for at least 1 of them. I like to remember that ancient Egyptians shaved their eyebrows when they lost a cat, and the whole community would send condolences and respect their grief. The day can be so hollow and dreary without that paticular cat's purrs & little, amusing behaviors....And if Tilly sees a big, white friendly Husky/Ger.Sheperd dog, that's just Tasha my cat-raising dog, who loves every cat she sees! Here's a hug for you....from my kitties, daughter & me!! Susan
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Beautiful Ms. Tilly

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She truly is a beautiful cat. She and Simba are playing together under blue skies with a big husky/german shepherd called Tasha-free from pain.
You are in my thoughts.
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We also had to let our Elmer go within the last couple days. He will keep your cherished one company as they play in fields of catnip and roll around tossing butterflies into the air. It has helped me so much to be able to post here and read about other peoples experiences. I still hurt but I know the pain is slowly healing. I continue to see his picture with every post I make and I will never forget how much he ment to me and my girlfriend for all of these past years. I would not give those years up to spare myself the pain, he was just to precious and will live forever in my memory and my heart as I am sure your special friend will. Best of luck to you.
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Gail that´s so sweet...thanks for share, my thougths with you and Tilly R.I.P....
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