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kitten with cold?

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it seems one thing just gets cured and then sage gets sick with something else...I think she has a cold...she has been sneezing alot, not as hungry to the point i've had to feed her hand to mouth...and she seems to have a problem eating it anyway...it's the prescription diet food for her diarreha problem...

she seems to have to throw up but won't let it come out..and food turns her off...

is this a cold?

what is URI

How do they treat a cold??

Any suggestions would help...i'm stormed in for the day and hope that i can do something to help her at home...

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It could be a URI (upper respiratory infection). If it is, the vet will give you some antibiotics to help. The "throwing up" motion could either be an upset stomach or a cough. Sometimes when cats cough it sounds more like they are getting sick. With everything going on with her, I would see about getting her in today or tomorrow for a physical. If I remember right, she is a persian. Sometimes they have a hard time eating because of the face being so flat. I would try putting her food(wet) on a small dish rather than a bowl.
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she doesn't seem to be coughing anymore...and she's a himalayan, but persians and himalayans have similiar problems...

she seems tireder than usual...but could be change in food again..

i gave her treats that help hairballs and she seems a little better...not as much coughing...

i can't get her to the vet for a couple of days...

she's eating a bit more...

i'll just keep an eye...I will take her in soon for a full physical.

persians and himmies sneeze alot anyway cause of their little nose...

i hope she will be alright.
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