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Fur Knots

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Are there any vets or groomers that can help me with this dilemma?? I have 2 short hair calicos. Tabitha, the one I've had the longest, does not have matts in her fur. Chloe has matts in her fur. I found one and combed it out but then to my surprise found she has them all over. They're not visible to the eye as they would be with a longhair. Her coat looks fine until I pat her. It's awful but I've become almost obsessed with removing them. Poor thing, she doesn't like to be held or petted (petted only around the head/neck area), you can only imagine the fight she puts up when I try to groom her. I'm afraid she'll become bald from the fur she's losing. She sheds a lot more than Tabitha anyway, but after brushing, she's losing handfuls. HELP!!! A friend suggested a touch of olive oil in the food, which I tried today but am afraid of loose bowels. I read in another inquiry about putting cod liver oil in the food. That'll be tough, I think, since she is not a fish lover. Some kinda cat, huh??
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Yes, it will help if you add a fatty acid suppliment to her diet. You can use the veg oil on occasion and you shouldnt have any problems with her stool. With the matts I would get the ones she has now and then brush her on a regular basis. I would try and brush her at least once a week if she matts that bad. The brushes with the little balls on the end or the wide tooth combs that rotate seem to be less stressful on the hair.
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In addition to Sandie's suggestion you may consider switching to a Premium brand that catters to that kind of condition.
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I have 4 cats; I short hair, 2 Persians and 1 Hemalain (spelling). Anyway, even my longed hair cats look pretty good until I pet or pick them up. They get knots very easily, so I think this can happen to any cats. I don't use a brush to get them out because it really hurts their tender skin. I use a comb that has a thumb rest and the blades cut the knots instead of other combs or brushes that pull the knot out. They are very cheap to buy and are definately worth it. Also, you can use a
(I know you won't believe this one) seam ripper-just make sure that the pointed end is away from kittie's skin and have the end with the ball next to her skin so that you won't cut her. Good luck.
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I comb my Piper, a Somali, for lesss than 5 minutes each day NO KNOTS NO MATTING.
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Thanks to all the great replys :tounge2:
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