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Defecation on bed by male cat

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For a few days now, my cat Oscar has been starting to defecate in the middle of my bed. The first time he did it, I had clean, just recently washed sheets (not even slept in yet) and a fleece blanket on the bed and he choose to go on the blanket. He's been acting strangely for the past couple days in that his normal behaviour is following me to every room and he does so quite quickly, however now, he seems almost elusive and attempts to "sneak" into my bedroom to go onto my bed not to rest, but to poop! Normally, he rarely stays in my bedroom when I'm not in there, it's only now that he's doing it. Ok, Oscar is 1.5 years old, he's male. He has had 2 UTI's in the past, but has been completely healthy for over 6 months. I have his urine tested every 3 months to make sure that he has not developed a UTI again. About one year ago, he peed on my down duvet cover and I took him to the vet right away and that's when I found out he had a UTI. So I got rid of the cover in its entirety and he hasn't shown abnormal behaviour until now. I took a fecal sample to the vet today and she said that his feces are fine except that the feces have a bit of a mucousy layer on it and quite a bit of hair but there are no parasitic organisms or worms. Now if something WERE irritating his intestines, I still don't know why he would be compelled to poop on my bed and only my bed and not anyplace else if he can’t help it. I keep the box extremely clean and he's the only cat who uses it as he is my only pet. He does continue to pee in his litter box I just hope that does not change either. My mattress and everything on my bed is completely clean, there wouldn't be any urine or poop smell on my mattress. He’s used to sleeping on my bed, I keep him in my bedroom when I’m not home; he is not left alone for long periods either. He's on a prescription diet: HILLS c/d formula (for the UTI prevention) and he's been on it for over 6 months and nothing in his diet has changed. Nothing in his normal environment is different, he’s not stressed. He still remains extremely playful and energetic. I give him lots of attention and he has toys to play with. I want to modify this behaviour ASAP but I don't know how to do it. I don't know why he is so compelled to poop on my :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor:' bed but i'd like to know how to solve the problem. Someone? Anyone? Please reply with a solution!
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It is possible he would like another litter box. Some cats like one for each function.
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His litter box is already huge and he has separated the pee area from the poop area. I was thinking of just getting a brand new litter box, however this one is only about 9 months old.
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Hi Jade, welcome to TCS.

As Cirque said, some cats do prefer having a litter box for each. You could always buy an inexpensive litter box, set it down somewhere away from the other box and see what happens. The pooping on your bed and mucous could simply mean that he is constipated, especially if the faeces contains a lot of fur. I would recommend buying some Laxatone or hairball paste and give that to him, following the directions on the tube. Something else that is very good is canned pumpkin - one teaspoon twice a day.
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Also, please have a look at this thread about innappropriate pooping problems.
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I wouldn't think that he is constipated since he goes one time per day, sometimes even two. For the past month and a half though, his poop has been very soft and mucousy. It's not diarrhea but it's pretty close. Since the fecal sample came up negative, I don't know what could be bugging him. The vet doesn't know either. But I will try an additional litter box. Would anyone suggest me confining him to one room for a week or two? I read something about solitary confining a cat for a week or two which resolved the problem of the cat going in places other than the litter box. I would feel bad keeping him in the one room however. Comments?
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Is he pulling at his hair in any fashion when he is grooming? Does he have bald spots anywhere? Just because he poops on your bed, does not mean that he has a UTI but it could mean that he has hurt himself and he is looking for a softer place to go, one that he doesn't have to get over the sides of a box? Could he have fallen and injured himself? Usually when a cat is in internal pain they pull at their fur and rip it out is small chunks or large.

Adding another litter pan may help, and certainly treating the spot with an enzyme cleaner will help as well. But don't rule out that he could be sick, and he may need to go the vet, not just a sample of his feces.
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Oscar goes to the vet on a regular basis. Believe me. The vet knows me well because of all my visits and phone calls. I don't think that he would be hurt because he still goes pee in the box. I regularly treat the box with enzymatic cleaner along with fresh litter every single week. I take out any waste when I notice he has used the box so every thing in the box is clean. The bed mattress doesn't really have to be treated with anything because he did not poo directly on the mattress, just on the blanket, which i've already washed and have not placed back onto the bed yet ( I want to wash it another time because i'm scared that he will smell it on the blanket and be tempted to go again.) But even with just the protective sheet on the mattress, I caught him trying to dig an imaginary hole in the sheet and attempt to poop. I grabbed him and placed him in his litter which he then got out of immediately thereafter. I then left him alone with his box in the bathroom and he pooped in the box just fine.

He isn't bald anywhere, I've brushed him which got rid of a lot of fur so there wasn't much fur in his last stool.
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