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Some of my photography

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It wasn't until I got a job as a photo lab technician did my love for photography emerge. While I worked as a lab tech, one of our regular customers was a photographer named John Russell. I was fortunate enough to be the one to develop all his film/slides (even though I developed mainly black and white photos, film and transparencies). I was the first one to see photos of Andre Agassi's son, Shaq's daughter (when she was just born) and even accompanied Mr. Russell to David Robinson's wedding (renewal vows). I've never seen so many celebrities in my life. Needless to say, I hardly got any work done that day. Anyway, this post is dedicated to Mr. Russell for teaching me everything I know.

I don't know if anyone has heard of the artist Rapozo, but if you ever come here, be sure to check out his work too. It's FABULOUS.

Warning: There are a lot of photos so if you have dial-up, I apologize in advance.

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WOW!! These are just awesome pictures!! You have a great talent, you could be a professional photographer...truely wonderful work!!!
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Wow, those are great! Wish I had even an ounce of your talent!
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Great photos! You are a fantastic photographer!

I would love to see some more of your work! I am also going to have a search for some work by Rapozo!
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Those are great. What kind of camera are you using?
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Shanna I hate you for having such talent!!! You're an amazing photographer (and siggy designer), really! I want to be like you when I grow up...

Hope to see more pics!! I love them!
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Wonderful photos!!!
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WOW!!! they are amazing photos
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Wow, Shanna, these are spectacular! So are incredibly talented! These look absolutely like professional photographs people seek for their home decor! I hope you will continue to utilize your great talent and love for photography, and sure do look forward to lots more pictures from you!
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I've seen your great Cats photos here before, but now I see, what your other photos are also wounderful!
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Yes very nice photos and what a cute puppy too. Were those taken from a digital or regular camera? Thank goodness I am not on dialup, the animated sig is almost a meg file
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for the wonderful comments!

As for the camera I use, the first 7 photos were taken with a digital camera. A Pentax Optio 555. My first digital camera ever. I love it dearly. The rest of the photos were taken with a standard 35mm camera, and Olympus Stylus Epic - Zoom 170. The film I used was Kodax Max 400. Max 800 will give you grainy photos if you zoom in too much or make prints larger than an 8 x 10.

The puppy is a Lhasa Apso named Kiah. I had her from July - September. Miko and her never got along, and she would always try to attack him. After 2 months of trying to get them to adjust, I had to give her away. She lives with a wonderful couple in Kansas. They tell me she's still her active self and sweet as ever.
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Hey Shanna, wonderful work! Congrats
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Absolutely stunning, good eye, good use of color against background, the inflatible in the water is my favorite one- nice job!
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Fabulous photos Shanna - I want to be back there - now! Seriously, wonderful, wonderful work.
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Wow I'm impressed!
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Wow Shanna those photos are amazing... Being a very frustrated amateur digital camera photographer, I can actually tell which ones you used your digital for yet they are the most beautiful photos I've ever seen... I can never get my digital photos to come out even nearly that clear and crisp.. Not to mention that you have a wonderful talent for picking scenes... Those are truly awe inspiring... You should definately make a career out of photography... Do you ever photograph people? You could be one of the worlds top Wedding Photographers or something!
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beautiful pictures!!!
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These are so awesome, you must have a beautiful home decorated with many of your amazing photos!!!! Keep it up!!!!
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Aww, thank you again for the comments!

To answer a few questions...

I have photographed people before. I photographed my cousin's wedding, my brother's senior portraits, my god-daughter and some of my family, and a few more weddings. However, I mostly do nature shots or cat shots. I never considered it an actual profession as I know how hard it is to get into the business and stay there. I thought it would be best if I just did it as a hobby. I actually enjoy it more since I'm not "working".

P.S. If anyone wants a siggy, just let me know!
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Wow, beautiful pics, I love your siggy too.
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Aloha Shanna! Those pics are great! You have a great eye for photography and so many opportunities for beautiful pics in Hawaii!
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