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Its stuck help

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Bear with me on this. Please! I have a slow cooker with a removable crock my Husband used it to cook some Barbecubed Meat today. Now I can not get the crock out to clean it. Short of sticking it in water.
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Ummm...don't stick it in water, unless it says thats OK.

What about warming it back up and removing seperating it while its warm?

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The crock is the only piece that can go into water, the other would short out. It would not even come out when it was to hot to handle without some kind of buffer in between. It was full and some of the juices spilled out and I think went in between the crock and the outside piece.
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try getting it really cold, and seeing if it will separate then.

If that doesn't work, wipe it out, and then lay it on it's side. Put pressure on the side which is up towards you, as that may loosen the stuck part.

Other than that, I haven't got other ideas...sorry.

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Ken said to throw it out and buy a new one sis Want me to hit him for you now or wait until you see him to do that? But really I have no clue how to get that unstuck unless you do as Michele suggested.
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Hit him now The crockpot is still a good one. Thanks Michele and Spotz those are good suggestions and I will give them a try in a little bit.
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I'm dying to know if the meat was any good. Was it? Slow cooking rules. Maybe you could try to get some cooking oil between the two parts. Then have your husband help turn the crock and try to wrestle it out while you hold the base?
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Have you tryed running a butter knife down the side or something thin to unstick it
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all I managed to get the crock out. With some pushing and turning and pulling it come out. what a mess where it seeped into the other part is a carred mess. Hydroaxe what my hubby cooked was Deer meat barbecue and as for if it taste good I have no idea. We had stopped and eat at Wendy's after church and I was full. My hubby said it was smackin and Chynna and Boomer hovered like vultures ready for a piece to drop. and knowing my hubby giving them some to eat. The big softy talks tough but gives in every time. I do know this much though it smelled wonderful while it was cooking just wasn't quite ready to eat when we left for church.
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Alrighty then I knew you could do it. What DB not give the babies any of that BBQ deer? You and I both know him better than that....you know they got a taste of it
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I've never had slow-cooked deer meat, but if it smelled good, I bet it was good.
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I was going to tell you to take a hammer to it!!

I'll bet it smelled great, but I just can't eat Bambi!
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