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Found two kittens!!!  

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Well hi there! I found the most two adorable kitties...Someone abandoned them How can people do that...it's beyond me! They're two males, I found them in front of Kash & Karry Grocery Store. My friend saw me coming to the car and he said..."OMG..NO..NO...NO!" I said, "Yes, Yes, Yes!" LOL...so, with that...he said well, what are you naming them? I had no idea...he came back with a smartarse remark..."Well, how about Cash & Karry"....:laughing2 I don't have any pics as yet, but I believe them to be about six weeks old...they're eating and they've used the litterbox...THANK GOD they're eating! I was so worried. They ate like they've never eaten They're bellies are full and it's naptime...I looked in the box and one was upsidedown playing with the other ones tail

Murphy snuck in the room and hates them! Jeeeeez What to do about that one...He's so spoiled, I just pray that he gets over it...I really do. I'm staying with my friend Mike (my boss) my other cats are at my house...my Mom's taking care of them and living there while I work so far away. I found Murphy and now these two...I don't think I'll be finding anymore that I'll be able to keep. Mike's house is big, but I think this is his limit! :laughing2 He's my best friend and I'm so fortunate to have someone that understand's my passion for cats. I think if we (as cat people) generally attract friends that understand our passion for cats. At least I have been very blessed this way...

My boyfriend Philip is so excited for me! :laughing2...I can't wait to see how excited he if we ever live together with all my cats! :laughing2 That's the true test!

Well, just thought I'd letcha' know what a happy day this was for me. I'm so happy to have all these babies, of course all my other cats and India (my dog)

Hope ya'll had a great weekend

Love & Peace
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Hey there Big Cat....this is indeed a happy happy day for you!
But I think even a happier day for Kash and Carry!

Congratulations - you win the 'good kitty award' for the day!
MEOW TO YOUR NEW LITTLE ONES!:angel4: :angel4:
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Hi'ya Deb

Ya know, I really don't think I'm gonna stick with those names :laughing2...but if ya come up with something cool, let me know! :laughing2

I was thinking about Matthew and Simon...what'dya think? But I usually like to end a cat's name with an "E"...I'm sure you know why...if not; this is because a cat will respond better to higher pitch sounds ...like say the name "Opie" or "Murphy"...the name will end with that "eeeee" sound instead of just drop off suddenly. This is what I read in "CatScraps" LOL...made sense to me

I'll keep ya posted on the little ones....so cute

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Wow, Cat!! Two more kitties for you. How nice of you to take them home. I don't understand how people can abandon them either.

But I have you beat in the cat department! :LOL:
12 kitties!!! We've run out of room!!
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Wow Cat!!! you're sooo lucky!!! I want to find some abandoned kitties!!! (well, you know, not that I wan them to be abandoned, but if they are, I wanna be the one to find 'em!!!) I'll have a think for some funky names for em.....
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Catarina!!!!! What color are your new boys? I can't wait to see pics!!
I kinda like the names Kash and Kerry, Ya know, Kerry can be a boys name as well as a girls! I think you oughta go with those!
I gave my two black kittens to my brother last saturday, and he has named them Midnight and Shadow!
Pat, I have 12 cats too now, I did have 13, but Whiskers has wandered off and hasn't been back for 3 weeks...she was the stray I rescued from in front of the Kum & Go store here, this spring. I am just hoping she found another home, and that nothing has happened to her.
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Or Cary, as in Cary Grant . . .

I kind of like Cash, like Johnny Cash maybe. (I'm sure giving away my age today! lol) I think there's some radio talk show hosts named Cash and something down here, but I don't remember for sure.

I'd keep the names, I think they're cute, and certainly unique!
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Hiya you guys 's

Gemini :...you sure do have me beat and you know what...:laughing2, I'll send you these two if you want! :laughing2....I'm teasing! Of course not! They've stolen my heart away!

Bodlover Trust me Rhea, you don't want to find abandoned kitties. My heart aches knowing how traumatic it must've been for them...STUPID HUMANS! Ya know?? Well, of course not cat people...we're the exception to the rule!

Debby :laughing2 These kittens are almost identical! They're both medium haired with golden stripes...soooooooo pretty and they have white boots...one of them has a bit more white than the other, but I will get pics up asap so I can show everyone. Deb, I do remember the little stray you found...I'm sorry she's wandered off again...that makes me so sad for you. Let me know how Merlin's doing too will you?

Sunlion That's a really great idea!!! I can't use Kerry...:laughing2...it's my x-husband's name! :laughing2...so, this is a great alternative! I can't think of two more appropriate names...it's just like my friend Mike suggested and I think you guys just confirmed it! :laughing2 Yes, these two are quite unique; well, all of our cats are probably all spoiled rotten brats and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thanks again you guys!
Love & Peace

He looks so much like Opie, I mean the cat!

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Somehow I get the feeling the cat doesn't find the situation quite as thrilling as the chimp does....:LOL: :laughing:
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My sheeba was abandoned in an apartment hallway...my sister found them and I took her to my now husband then boyfriends new apartment as a housewarming present....Shes sooo bueatiful...she wasnt so furry when we found her. thought she was a short haired cat but then she turned into a big fluff ball....

thats my ramzeys down below! :laughing2
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Wowee what pretty babies!!! I just wanna sqeeeeze sheeba - she looks so cuddley!!
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She is! Shes just a big black and white ball of fluff! If you'd seen an earlier photo of her...she wasn't that fluffy...she looks more like a short haired cat. :baloon: :kitty5: :bubbly: :flower:
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The picture of the orangutan kissing the cat reminds me of the gorilla who adopts a cat. Here in the zoo, they have a gorilla who keeps a cat for a companion. I've seen them and they sleep together. in the gorilla's cage.
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Lothuial ...hi there! Gorgeous kitties! Most adorable and very huggable! Thanks for posting the pics!

Hi Bodlover, you love squeezing all the kitties! :laughing2...I think you find them as scrumpdiliumptios as I do! :laughing:

Hi Nena...There's a gorilla that this woman (I can't think of her name) has been teaching sign language to for the past 15 years. The gorilla took to a cat also. The kitty got hit by a car and KOKO (the gorilla) grieved and grieved. So, so, sad, but the woman eventually rounded up a bunch of little kittens and KoKo was ecstatic. She played with them and found one she liked the best. It was a manx. The same kind her first one was. I'll never forget that story. I bought the video of KoKo...it is soooo interesting. This gorilla can actually communicate to humans through sign language. I think her vocabulary is up in the 1,000's! If you get a chance you may want to rent it or buy it.

Love & Peace
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. . . and if I recall correctly, the cat's name was "All Ball" . . .
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That was it! So, I see you saw it too! I was amazed at this gorilla and the male gorilla (what was his name? Micheal? He was amazing...gorgeous!

I knew they were intelligent, but I had no idea they were able to communicate with us in that capacity!

Thanks for remembering that name. I hope you enjoyed Kokos' story as much as I did. I wonder how she is now. Here she is with one of her kittens...I think this is All-Ball ...her other one is now 18!!! Smokey

I did find her page, but it seemed that it needed to be updated quite a bit.

Love & Peace

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