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Declaw Info. Please

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I was just reading the thread about declawing in IMO. Since, I can't post there yet I decided that this is probably the next best place.
I have decided to write a paper about declawing for one of my English classes at the University of New Mexico. I need to do a bit of research still ,and I thought you all might know of some good sources where I can find reliable information. I'm a vet tech and I've already talked to the vets at my clinic. I've assisted in a surgery for a cat that was declawed for medical reasons, so I've seen it done before. So please let me know if you have any websites, etc that could be helpful. The requirement I'm missing right now is a Scientific Journal source, but anything and everything will be helpful...just want to be able to have a lot of quotes. I know I'll probably end up writing way more than the minimum amount but I'll keep my opinions to myself until I can post in IMO...lol Thanks so much.
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Hi Julya, you can always google stuff off the internet. There are quite a number of articles about declawing which are written by vets. I hope this helps.
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Hope this works:http://declaw.lisaviolet.com/
This is a really great site for info!!!
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Also, check out our new and improved Declawing Resources thread. We have tried to find links that are informative and not blatently biased, which is difficult if not impossible to find.
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Thanks so much for the links! Keep them coming
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