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New York Snowstorm 2005!!

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Well, it seems that I missed a lot being offline all day yesterday and most of today... We had a major snowstorm here in New York... about 2 feet of snow... I just finished digging my car out of the spot I left it in before the storm... It didnt take as long as I thought and I'm proud that I was able to do it all by myself... Though I will never let Adrian live it down that he didnt help me!! ... I guess I can't really blame him... He's snowbound at his house ... But, anyway... I was offline all day yesterday because there was a water main break in south Yonkers that caused the phone lines to go down for most of us so I couldnt get online .... I managed to keep myself busy, tho... I did ALL my laundry, cleaned my room, watched a bunch of movies, and played with Malakitty... Overall, it was a productive day... So, now I'm back online and I have to catch up with the threads! Oh, btw.. Adrian and I are going out to Hofstra either tomorrow (doubtful) or Tuesday (more likely) so, I'm gonna take a ton of pictures to show you guys... Campus is so beautiful in the snow!! Oh yeah and we're having a snowball fight while we're out there too!! Yay
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Whew...it was a tough one. We were let out of work about an hour and a half early on Sunday. Took me over 2 hours to get home...and I live only about 2 miles from work. I have a snow day today though! I had a deprived childhood and did not have enough Snow Days as a child...send your contributions to this worthy cause to SDFA.org...snow days for adults, a very worthy cause!
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I aint sure how much we got up here in Rochester, NY but yep its snowing! We even lent a couple snow shovels to a neighboor to shovel their car out and they brought them back. After someone took our last shovel (I left it sitting out near our door..silly me) I almost expected never to see them again. I really hate all this snow, if it was not so cold it wouldn't be so bad.
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A lot of us got snow this weekend. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=41866 I was watching the Weather Channel this morning, and I heard you guys on the east coast were getting hit really hard. And it's still snowing there now?
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