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My cat, Billy, is an orange cat, but doesn't have white on him. He's also a little darker. I do love Tiggy's marking. They are so unique! Take a look at Billy's pics.... if you see, he doesn't have the white, which I think makes Tiggy's whole look!

Picture of Billy Picture of Billy again
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P.S. Leo is a beautiful cat, too!
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Well thanks again and your Billy is a sweetheart......give him a hug from me!
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Thanks..... Billy gives you a lick back!

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Yep! They all have a birthday party on their birthday, or their birthday weekend. So does my doggie, and as for my rat, she hasn't had a birthday yet, being 6 weeks old.
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Absoulutely YES!!!!! his birthsday is 16 Octuber, you can check the info in their Milky´s Page


And yup, hope the 1firts of July can We go at Susie´s Crew Party!!!
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Bijou will be 1 year old on February 4 and I've already purchased his food treat but still have to pick up a toy.

I'm sure our daughter will have us celebrating Mika's birthday too in the summer.
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Of course - complete with toys and a cake. Sometimes I decorate, too.
Kitty Birthday Cake:
1 can Fancy Feast shrimp and crab flavor
1 regular size can catfood - solid variety (your cat's favorite)
3 sardines in olive oil
3-5 cocktail shrimp
18 tartar control treats
3-5 leaves fresh catnip
Open reg size can and invert on crystal serving dish. Open Fancy Feast can and add to top of other can. (Should look like a teared cake). Wrap sardines around reg size catfood. Add treats to bottom of each style catfood. Top with shrimp and garnish with catnip.
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Bella was born in December 3 years ago but I don't know the exact date either. So for 31 days I wish her a Happy Birthday each day.  I give her a special pet toy,a can of cat food (gravy with beef strips) and a very watched lit candle. Sounds crazy but it works for me. then we take Bella in her carrier for a visit to my daughters home for an outing.




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