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I'd like you guys to meet Max...

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the cat we adopted today!

Max is a 6 year old brown tabby... I keep calling him a love because that's what he is! My boyfriend fell in love with him Friday night and put him on hold, but he went out of town yesterday. Today we got a call so we went to go see him... and he just fell in love with the guy all over again.

This is the best picture I could take, sorry the quality stinks - it's on my camera phone as I really wanted to show him off! I took a few more on my digital camera that I'll upload as soon as I'm done with work!

Baylee... will get used to him. She sniffed him through his carrier and hissed only a few times. He was very chill and just sat there, letting her do her thing. I think he's a real easy-going guy and Bay will come around, in her time!
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OMG! Congrats! This is so exciting! I knew you would get another cat, they are very addicting pets. I could never stay with one. He's beautiful! I can't wait till he meets Baylee. I hope they'll get along! Congrats! I hope we get more pictures soon.
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Ari - he is adorable!!!! Eager to hear more on the introduction with Baylee!
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Wow, how exciting! Congratulations! He's adorable , and I love his name! I'm sure Baylee will warm up to him soon, it just takes awhile!
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Ari - what a handsome boy. No wonder you fell in love with him. Fingers crossed for a smooth introduction to Baylee - I'm sure she'll fall in love with him too.

Congratulations to the proud new meowmy!
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Thanks guys! About his name... it was originally Amax... which we thought was a bit odd. We call him Max and my boyfriend has decided his name is now officially Maximus.

Now we just have to let him get used to us and Baylee (gulp)... and of course he needs a trip to the vet tomorrow. Of course we had to adopt him on a Sunday, when the vets are closed and we work the next couple of days! He had a vet visit earlier this month through the adoption agency (SCAT) but still... sigh!
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He is handsome, congrats on the new kitty....can't wait to see more pics of him!
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He is handsome!!! Bay is young enough that she should adjust well. Good luck!!! Can't wait to see more pictures.
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He is beautiful, Ari! What a hunk of sugar!
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He's GREAT! Congratulations on the new member of your family! I'm sure that Baylee will grow to love him in time.

Can't wait to see more pictures.
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Funny story guys... while we were talking to the people from SCAT they were asking if he was going to be indoor only, how we were going to introduce him to our other cat, etc. My bf just HAD to mention TCS... I think he likes to do it just to embarass me. They were impressed that I was "a cat person", and that I knew so much... and they thought that TCS sounded like a great place!

I'm officially a cat person, apparently! Hey, it made them like me and therefore like that we were adopting Max!

Oh and about him being "a love"... if you start giving him scritches, he'll LEAN into your hand for more loving. He's a bit stinky (not sure why?) and needs to be groomed a bit (he's sooo soft) but he's just a big ol' ball of love!
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yay!!! So glad to hear about your new fur babies. Max sounds like he's going to be a great partner in crime for Bay. Can't wait to hear more and see more pictures.
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He is gorgeous...what a sweet face Congratulations!
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Oh Ari, this is lovely! Sheesh...I am away for a while and look what I miss! I had no idea you guys were getting another cat!! Awesome... And what a gorgeous boy he is! I am so happy for you all...and Bay!
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awww Max is just adorable! congrats Ariana.
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Yay!!! A new TCS kitty!!! I'm sure Bay will be a champ about it, once she gets over the fact that she's no longer an only child.

Max is gorgeous! Congratulations!
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Max is so handsome!! He's very lucky to have a good home and I'm sure he and Baylee will get along famously once she realizes he's a sweetie. Congrats!
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Max is a very handsome boy! That's wonderful that you have adopted him. I'm sure he will bring you much joy. Congratulations!
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awww.. congrats, Ari... and welcome Max... Don't worry Bay, you're still Mommy's little girl! Malakai's gonna be jealous that you're spending all your time with another boy... hehe... I'm sure he wishes you would adopt him, Ari, so he could spend all his time with Bay
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Congrats! He sounds like a wonderfull cat!
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Here are the pictures of the new man in our lives... he wouldn't sit still (just like his sister) so sorry they're not that great!

Investigating my camera (with Dad rubbing him with his new blankee - blue to match Bay's pink one):

Doesn't he look manly?

Content in Dad's arms:

Baylee trying to find Max (and Max ignoring her):

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oh I am soooooooooo excited!!!!!! Ari he is soooooo precious such a handsome face

welcome welcome Max!!!! we are so excited to have you join our family
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Congratulalations, Ariana!

Max looks like such a sweetie!! I love the little smudge of white on his nose!

I hope Baylee gets to know and love him, as much as you do, soon!!
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Awww, Max is a real cutie!!! Congratulations!!!
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Ari's one proud meowmie... you should be! Max is a purdy cat! Love him myself too!
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Welcome to the family, Max!
Congratulations, Ari, he's gorgeous! Baylee, you'll be such a wonderful big sister!
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Ari what a suprise! i didn't know you were looking for another?!.

He's gorgeous! He's certainly one handsome boy alright!.

Had to laugh at baylees paw under the door because thats what Rosie and Sophie do with each other if i have to take one of them to the vet and i put the other in their room
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He is SO handsome and looks like he has a great personality......so laid back!

Thanks for the new pictures!
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I love the picture of Bays paw under the door. That is too funny.

Max is handsome! Is your bf happy to have 'his own' cat now? lol
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