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Patience Pays Off

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We got Rocky when he was only a couple weeks old. He was pretty much hand raised by humans, and gave us all trust early on. Then came the biting, mule kicking and scratching. I never had such a behavior problem with a cat before. We were baffled. Of all cats it seemed that Rocky should be the most gentle....but he was the least. You couldn`t hold him for more then a couple of seconds and he would become wild and fresh. We kept hoping he would outgrow it....but it continued. we tried distracting him with playthings, verbal repremands, even the old trusty squirt gun...but nothing worked. Last week we started putting him back in the kennel in the living room every time he got fresh(along with a resounding NO) We only kept him in there for 5 or 10 minutes, then took him out and held him for a minute before letting him go. He came out gentle and loving each time. We have not had to put him in there for 4 or 5 days, now. He has stayed pretty much gentle and loving. The kennel will remain in the living room for a while, yet, and I suppose he will still return there now and then, but he has had an attitude adjustment. And we are very happy with the new improved Rocky, who by the way, turned 5 months last week
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I don't know alot about this, but I have heard that the mother cat teaches the kittens how to interact with other cats and people. Since Rocky has been hand raised since he was two weeks old, he didn't get an opportunity to learn the correct behavior from his mother.
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WOW - that is a good lesson to remember.
I can't believe it - My hubby named our new temp addition Rocky too! Small work, eh? He is called Rocky as he was born and lived for while in the stone wall fence.
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Temporary? Come on now, who's kidding who? Are you really going to be able to give him up? Like I always say, what's one more poop in the box?

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Oh dopnna - I know and agree with you BUT>>>>>>>>hubby is very tolerant of the 7 we now have - they are all indoor kitties and he is home with them 24/7. There are still 4 more babies to catch.....
i am taking Rocky into the office tomorrow - there is a friend in my Unit that lost her kitty and she asked to see him - I think it will be a match!
Will let you know
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