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I was wondering what opinions were on collars and microchips. Somehow, in all of my silliness, I've succeeded in doing both. I heard from a woman at a shelter once that microchips aren't necessarily as reliable as you'd think. Becides that, Chester looks mighty cute in his new blue collar with silver fish on it (break away style).
My parents don't have either on the other cats, saying that they're scared they'll choke themselves to death if we collar them.
Chester, however, does not like his harness (he's going to be an indoor cat, but I'd like to take him butterfly watching in the garden sometimes)...he tried to eat it off when I put it on him last night. What a goof!

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My cats wore their collars for 5 minutes and were miserable. I mgiht put them on for 7 minutes tomorrow and see how it goes. I got soft collars, and they are not tight or loose.
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www.lost-pets.org has information about both, the pros and the cons
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All four of mine have collars and ID tags (though, to be honest, mostly just because I think they look cute - I'm not all that concerned about them getting out, as it would be almost impossible). Phineas and Henry didn't react so well to the collars at first, but they've gotten used to them now. They're both also microchipped, it was done at the shelter - Meeko and Esmeralda are not microchipped - I've considered having it done, but because it's so expensive (my vet wants $80/cat) and because it is so unlikely that they'll get out, it's not a huge priority.
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I think microchips are a great idea. Unfortunately the effectiveness depends on how dedicated the people are who are answering the phones at any given time for that company. I had a very bad experience with the company that has the microchip in my dog, and it made me wary. I sort of lost faith in them as a fail-safe method. A collar with ID tag, plus a microchip, plus being totally paranoid about never letting the animal out of your sight or control is probably the best thing. Beau always wears ID and a collar but is not microchipped, but I never let him go outside, either.
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If we could afford it I would get both of mine chipped, but at this point in time with all thats happened recently and being disabled besides, there is just no way. I figure it would be so hard for them to escape that the chance is slim anyways so we gamble a bit and hope the double sets of doors are enough to keep them from getting out.
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I don't like either I had a collar on JJ when he was little and he got under this chair we had it was a rocking chair but a fancy type and his collar got caught and when we tryed to lift the chair to get him out it cut his lip open so no more collars for him and we don't have the chair either and I would not get him chiped either were we are it depends on our local councils to check if they are chiped when they are found and act on the info if they are chiped and about 6 months ago my friends dog was put down before she found him and he was chiped the lazy sodding council did not bother to check for a chip so I figer it is a waste of money till the council can get it's you know what together but I still put a collar on JJ to take him for walks and he loves to go for walks but I must admite with out a collar I am paronoide about him getting out
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I have one cat microchipped and the kitten is getting microchiped on valentine's day. It's only $40 at my vet and that includes the cost of sending the registration info to the AKC. I will never allow either of them out of the house, but my VPI Insurance covers most of the cost and I figure it's better safe than sorry. They also wear a stretchy collar with their pet insurance ID and chip number.
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I plan on getting my boys microchipped this summer, but if they ever do get out and get picked up, I don't know how effective it would be. Even the shelter where I volunteer doesn't scan all the time. They're supposed to, but I was told it just depends who is on duty and whether or not they feel like doing it.

As for collars, for how much my boys wrestle, I'd be worried about them seriously hurting each other if they were wearing something around their necks.
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Miko and Sebastian have always worn collar. I got Miko microchipped as soon as it was available in my area. My brother had Sebastian microchipped at the same time. Also, someone tried to steal Miko last year so microchipping him was more of a precaution than necessity.

Since Kionu is a kitten he wears a beastie band. He doesn't even notice he has one on. I had him microchipped when he went in to get neutered last month. Let's hope no one tries to steal him too.
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