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Cats and Coffee??

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I have a question...whenever I have a cup of coffee, my ten year old cat goes nuts trying to get a taste...I imagine coffee isn't good for cats so I don't let her, but when I'm finished with the cup and it's empty I let her lick it a bit...is that really bad? She just loves it so much...she purs and rubs her head against the cup...does any one else have a coffee crazy cat?
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Fred doesn't drink it, but he loves to smell my coffee. He will sniff the cannister if I let him. He has done this since he was a tiny baby.
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It's the caffeine in the coffee that's dangerous. That's why chocolate is deadly to cats and dogs, because it contains caffeine. It doesn't take that much to poison a cat, so you may want to rethink letting her have it.
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Seamus doesn't drink it, but he'll splash it around with his paws.
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My cat Snickers associates "cream" with "coffee", so whenever I pull out that coffee machine, Snicky mews & purrs and makes his high-pitched begging noises until I give him a lil plate of cream (2% milk, usually).

It all started around Christmastime... I bought all this heavy whipping cream to do all my baking and such... and I was using the pure cream to put into my coffee. Snick went bonkers at the smell and taste of the stuff! I've weaned us both off the cream & now it's just 2% milk.

He doesn't want the coffee; just the cream. But if he hears or sees the coffee machine itself? He's a little batty!
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That sounds like my mom's cat. Nobody can put down a cup of coffee around that house - she'll drink it.
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