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My bags are packed and I'm ready to go

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Early in the morning I am away. Bags are packed, briefcase ready and I have left contact details for where I am for Carol. I have found two short stories for Christopher and printed them off ready for Monday and Tuesday night.
I have said good night to Christoper and promised will see him on Wednesday evening. Its a five hour drive to where I am going - just near Southampton in Hampshire and its gonna be a long day tomorrow.
I have found a poem for carol and sent it to her email in the office - unsure if she will like it - however, its as below. I had to jiggle some of the words round so it related to my wife.
Hope she likes it. When she opens it, I estimated being about 100 miles away and still driving...

Have you ever bothered to realize
how much you mean to me?
I care so much for you inside
and miss you so deeply.

Every little kiss from you
is like a dream come true.
This love that I have inside my heart,
it all belongs to you!

It's funny, all those little things
I never thought I'd miss,
Like all those conversations that we have,
or the first time we kissed.

I guess that what I'm trying to say,
is I miss and love you more each day!
It hurts me not to see you,
or not to see that you're ok.

I want you to understand
that I loved you from the start.
And I want you to know,
no matter how many miles we may today be apart,
you'll always hold the only place
that’s for you in my heart.

Your husband


Is it too mushy ????
Oh well - its sent now and she will get it when I am on the motorway..

take care and see you all late wednesday evening
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aww thats not mushy!
i think its very cute
I would like to have a husband like you, so thoughtful and caring
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Awww Kev - she'll love it!

Hubby used to stay in a thatched hotel near Southampton when he used to do his annual trips round the country for work each winter. I think it was in Andover? I can't remember now. Nope - it was the Potters Heron at Ampfield hubby tells me.

Good luck. Take care on the motorways.
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I don't think Carol will find it too mushy - do you know how many women dream of finding a sentimental man? Have a good trip, Kev. I hope you don't run into too much snow - the forecast for the next few days doesn't look good.
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I think it is lovely! Good luck again
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It's wonderful! What a sweetheart you are! Take care of yourself!
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Too mushy NEVER! Robert Burns would be proud of you Kev!
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Oh Kev your wife is one lucky woman drive safe and have know fear she will love your pome
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Way to make the wife cry at work kev! You are such a sweet couple! So, when are you coming to Canada for a visit?
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awwww how sweet
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very cute... she will definitely cry!
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Aww how sweet, she will love it!
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Hi guys - home for a few hours and away again till sat night, then home, away then from Monday to Friday solid - its been a brilliant three days - am exhausted. Just jumped on line and have to now go. Have been driving for hours and need some thing I have not had for days.... If you will excuse me, I need to goto bed and sleep next to someone I missed terribly - my wife - who I held so hard this evening, it hurt. Dont think I have cried so much seeing my son since he was born - I did not want to let him go - I cried when I held him - it was so good. g'night
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Kev - welcome back even if it is only briefly.

My husband used to travel ALOT and yes sometimes he only came home at night for a few hours - but I treasured those few hours
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