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My little Simba is just a laugh riot.

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Simba loves watching TV, and that's cute in itself, but right now there is Ice Skating on, and Simba is sitting right in front of the screen, and jumping up and trying to grab the Ice Skaters, as they dance and skate by. It's so funny to watch him stand upright on his back freet trying to catch a skater. I tried to get a picture of him but my camera needs new batteries.

Earlier he had me rolling on the floor with laughter when he came into the living room carrying in his mouth, his food dish full of food. Then he set it down right at my feet and proceeded to eat. He is such a little clown.
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He probably thinks they're bugs!
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Aww bless him. He's probably feeling really proud that he "caught" his own dinner!
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Guess those ice skaters look really tasty!! And don't you just love when cats want to share their food. I wonder what they'd do if we got on the floor and offered to join them.
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Oh my gosh!! I can't believe he picked up his dinner!! Guess he just wanted to be with you! lol
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Hope that is so nice.. Simba is such a LOVE .. what ice skating??? I love to watch it all and keep up with all of it!
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Well, maybe he thought it was a TV dinner! Who doesn't like to eat in front of the TV? I know I do!
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That's a riot, Hope! What a sweet little nutcase!
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OOhh Simba's soo cute! That's what I like about cats, they have the craziest purrsonalities ever!
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What a cutie!!
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Awww! What a cutie!

It was nice of him to try to share his food with you!!
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Oh Hope i would have loved to have seen Simba carrying his food dish in!

He was obviously bringing in a snack to watch t.v.?!
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I have a video of Malakai that I think is hilarious... He's attackin the mouse on the screen and then whenever I bring the mouse pointer to the very end of the screen and it 'disappears' he looks behind the monitor for it... then when he cant find it, he gets frustrated and lets out a sigh.. literally... do any of your cats sigh?? I think this is the cutest thing...
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I would love to see one of my gang do that. All they do is nap infront or on top of the TV.
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After Simba's performance, what score did he get???
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Originally Posted by captiva
After Simba's performance, what score did he get???
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After meeting Sarah's furbabies and hearing the funny and cute stories like this one, I have come to the conclusion that there is something very special about Bengals.
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I have decided that I want Simba!! He is so funny and amusing,,I wish I could experience his antics first hand!!!
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OMG he is hillarious! I can see carrying his food bowl in but full??

Hallie likes to watch TV too. And she tries to catch things on it sometimes just like Simba!
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When I read about Simba's antics, I can't help but wonder why there are still actually people out there who don't love cats!

I have one friend who just does not like cats (I think she was scratched as a kid or something - and probably deserved it at the time - LOL). She came to visit last week and wouldn't even touch the cats even with me holding them. I can't believe it myself but there you go!
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